Lists of 10 Best Educational Toys for Your Kids Under $200

One of the best things parents can give to their children is the experience of playing. Play time does not only ensure enjoyment for a child, but it also plays a vital role in your child’s development.

From infancy to toddlerhood, it is necessary to give your kid the best educational toys which could stimulate his/her brain and build up his/her sensorimotor skills. Below is a list of the most amazing playthings you can choose from.

10 Best Educational Toys for Your Kids

1. LeapFrog Farm Animal Mash-Up Kit($50.94)

LeapFrog Farm Animal Mash-Up Kit
LeapFrog Farm Animal Mash-Up Kit

Ditch your boring animal charts and teach your kid about farm animals with this multifunctional kit. The LeapFrog Farm Mash-Up offers a three-way learning feature for your kid that develops his/her sense of touch, hearing, and sight thus earning its worth as one of the best educational toys.

It comes with 12 animal tiles which form into your kid’s barnyard pals: the cow, pig, lamb, duck, dog, and horse. Once your kid is able to form the correct tile combo, the name of the animals plus additional entertaining trivia will be heard.

It also teachesyour kid classic barnyard songs by listening to its built-in tunes.The tile-matching activity will most likely develop your young one’s logical and musical aptitude.It is highly recommended for 1-year-old babies and above.

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2. My Super Science Discovery Box: The Imaginology STEM Kit­­($69.99)

best educational toys
My Super Science Discovery Box

Hone the Albert Einstein in your little one by starting them young. This kit for kids is definitely one of the best educational toys in helping you lay a superb groundwork for your kid’s learning in the field of math, engineering, science, and technology.

The box is complete with fun apparatuses such as magnifying glasses, funnels, cylinders, tongs, and vials—all made to gear up your budding scientist. Designed to fuel your kid’s desire to invent and make scientific breakthroughs, this kit definitely makes it to the list of our best educational toys in the USA. It is perfect for children 5 years and up.

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3. K’NEX Education: Amusement Park Experience Set ($250)

educational toys for toddlers
Amusement Park Experience Set

Kids love to go to theme parks and have a taste of the most thrilling amusement rides. This is why K’NEX Education: Amusement Park Experience Set makes it to our best educational toys list. It allows your child to build his/her own park theme rides with over 2,200 components to choose from.

Unleash the young engineer in your kid as he/she constructs various things with it such as roller coasters, flying trapeze, Ferris wheel, and mechanical drops. The manual included in the set will make building and creating easier for your child. Perfect for children 8 years and up.

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4. Ausini City Emergency Police Station with Helicopter and Boat Building Blocks Educational Set($221.90)

educational toys for children
Ausini City Emergency Police Station

Your kid will be the cop hero of his/her own Lego town with this 422-piece building block educational set. Your child’s imaginative mind will be stirred as he/she builds his/her own police station and creates a boat and helicopter for high-speed operations.

This toy is compatible with Lego parts, and thus it allows your child to further expand his/her creations.It is certainly one of the best educational toys for your future cop.

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5. Barbie B-Book Laptop ($89.99)

educational toys for 4 years old
Barbie B-Book Laptop

Most girls are totally hooked with Barbie. The glitz and glam lifestyle of this posh fashion doll icon has captured the hearts of young princesses and even those who are young at heart.

Add this toy laptop to your girl’s Barbie collection as it teaches her thousands of things about vocabulary, logic, numbers, and technology. Who says being tech savvy can’t be glamorous? This is highly recommended for children ages 4 and up.

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6. K’NEX Kid Organisms and Lifecycles Model Kit($149.99)

educational toys for 3 year olds
Kid Organisms and Lifecycles Model Kit

Wanting to introduce the wonders of flora and fauna to your young one? This science model kit is just the perfect among the best educational toys for kids. This 232-piece kit includes premium parts such as beaks, eyes, wings, and tentacles which carry built-in connectors with them.

Nature will unfold right before your child’s eyes as he/she continues to discover 18 models with this toy. The kit comes with a storage tray making it easier for him/her to bring it in the class for a more interactive playtime. This is perfect for children with ages 3 and above.

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7. Schoenhut C1019C – 15 String Cherry Harp($149.71)

educational toys for 4 year olds
String Cherry Harp

Music is the food for the soul. There is something nourishing when a good music is being played. It is also instrumental in your child’s development. Studies have shown that a child who is exposed early in life to classical sounds are most likely to grow up as a calm, decisive, and discerning individual compared to one who is not.

Exposing your child to harp music will not only possibly make him/heras the next Carlos Salzedo or Deborah Conan,but it is also good for your child’s mental and emotional health. With this Cherry Harp, you are guaranteed of providing your child only the best educational toys—nothing more, nothing less. check price


8. KidKraft Large Kitchen($137.98)

educational toys for 3 year olds
KidKraft Large Kitchen

You would be surprised by how your assistant chef can whip delectable dishes with the KidKraft Large Kitchen. This makes the cut in the list of the best educational toys for your little chef because it is a life-size toy, thus making it perfect for your little one’s kitchen rendezvous.

Equipped with a refrigerator, stove, sink, and microwave, the kitchen is as realistic as it needs to be. It is highly recommended for ages 3 years and up.

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9. Preschool Prep Company 10 DVD Series Collection($129.99)

educational toys for 1 year old
Preschool Prep Company

This educational kit comes with a collection of ten DVDs packed with basic lessons for your 7-month-old baby up to when your kid grows up.

The lessons range from letters to numbers, knowing what uppercase and lowercase looks like, the basic colors, and even advanced lessons such as phonetics.

Having been awarded with 25 national recognitions, it is surely one among the many best educational toys you can give to your child. Get your child schoolready with this wise toy purchase.

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10. Discover with Dr. Cool PRO Series Rock Tumbler($119.95)

educational toys for 6 year olds
Turn Rocks into Stunning Gemstones

Gemstones are hard to find, but with this amazing tool, your child will definitely produce them easily. The high-grade rock tumbling kit makes gem making easy.

Teach your child basic geology while keeping them fascinated with this machine. With this toy, they will be able to transform unpolished stones into sparkling precious quartz, amethyst, and more.

There are only few steps in making gems with this high-grade tumbling kit from Dr. Cool: first, add the polishing grit, water, and unpolished stones into the machine; second, set it, and third, just patiently wait. Ina few weeks, you’ll have your very own gleaming, beautiful gems!

There is no better way for boys and girls to learn about geology. This science kit will provide hours of fun, and it also comes with everything you need to start exploring the exciting hobby of rock tumbling.This fascinating, geological learning toy is suitable for kids from ages 6 and above.

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