10 Tips to Become a Good Crewmate For Among Us Game

Following the popularity of Fall Guys , Among Us is now being played and has become a hot topic of conversation on social media. In this game, players are placed on a spaceship. There are two main roles in Among Us, namely impostor and crewmate.

Players who become crewmates must carry out the shared mission, namely repairing and protecting the aircraft. Meanwhile, the impostor is an intruder who will kill and sabotage the plane.

Do you often get the role of crewmate in this game ? If so, here are some tips for becoming a good crewmate so you can beat the impostors. Lets see

1. You have to do the personal mission that you get as fast as possible. Don’t miss anything, OK!

among Us Game tips

2. If possible, you should memorize the location of the assignment and the floor plan. That way, your mission will be completed faster

best among Us Game tips

3. As much as possible, walk with other players who are proven crewmates . That way, you and him can protect each other

among Us tips

4. Another reason to stick with fellow crewmates is avoiding impostor attacks . Do this even after your assignment is done

among Us Game tips 4

5. Study the aircraft ventilation system. This is the impostor way to move to another room. Immediately report anything suspicious!

among Us Game tips 5

6. You must always pay attention to the behavior of the players. Observe their alibis, gestures, and way of carrying out their mission

among Us Game tips 6

7. If your mission is complete, you should monitor the CCTV in the admin room. The camera will display strange impostor gestures

among Us Game tips 7

8. Feel free to invite emergency discussions if you come across a player who acts like an impostor . Hurry up and report if someone dies

among Us Game tips 8

9. If the impostor sabotages the plane, make sure you help another crewmate deal with the problem so that it doesn’t game over

among Us Game tips 9

10. Are you dead? Continue your mission until finished to help other crew mates who are still alive. If the mission is complete, the impostor loses!

among Us Game tips 10

So crewmate is not as difficult as you think, right? If you do the tips above well and can work with fellow crewmates, your team can definitely win. Enjoy

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