11 of the Best Android Adventure Games in 2020

You can try the best offline and online adventure games that you can play on your android mobile, a game with a genre that many gamers like. You can do a lot of things here, from exploring exploration, completing missions and puzzles, looking for clues through NPCs to fighting enemies to level up and get gold.

android adventure games

Games with this genre still have their own fans until now because it is able to stimulate adrenaline. So it’s not surprising that in the end many gamers are addicted to adventure games like this.

Now this time we will provide reviews and recommendations of the best android adventure online games that are really good for you to play, at least once in your lifetime and feel the sensation of adventure in the world that you have never found.

Not only adventure, you can also solve puzzles that are quite fun and enjoy graphics that spoil your eyes. Here are the recommendations of the best adventure games on Android that you can download for free!

1.Pokemon Go

This is an adventure game that really makes you adventure. This game is one of the pioneers of augmented reality games and really hits from the beginning of its launch until now. This game will anesthetize you to keep playing and can connect you with the Pokemon world. You will not realize that there are lots of Pokemon around you before you download this game.

In playing Pokemon Go, you won’t stand still. The more you move you will get more pokemon and meet with poke stops to get pokemon hunting gear. After pokemon that you have reached a high level, you can explore the city to find a gym and fight with other pokemon to prove who is the best.

2.Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

You want to play Zelda but you don’t have the console to play? Oceanhorn is the best alternative for Zelda that you can play on your favorite smartphone. Here you will explore the world of Oceanhorn to find your father who left you by leaving only a journal and necklace your mother’s legacy.

Oceanhorn is presented with excellent graphics, and you are required to solve puzzles in the game in order to complete this game. Difficult? Of course this is a challenge that can be offered by an adventure game.

3.Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

This game will bring up a new story set in Hogwarts before the entry of Harry Potter, exactly 4 years after the birth of Harry Potter. This means that the story in this game occurs after both Harry Potter’s parents were killed by Voldemort, but you will not play here as Harry Potter or any other character in the Harry Potter story.

But you will become a new student at Hogwarts who will solve the mystery in Hogwarts. You don’t need to think hard in playing this game, this game is really very simple and you just need to tap and watch it

4.Life is Strange

Life is Strange is the best game made by Square Enix that really makes you not regret playing this game. Life is Strange adventure game in the style of story-based choice and consequence games and successfully won various awards. You will play here as Max Caulfield a photographer with the ability to turn back time.

You have to complete various missions, here you can choose to change the past, present and future. And slowly you will realize that the changed past will make the situation in the future worse.

5.Ice Age Adventures

This game is adapted from the movie Ice Age, where you will play the role of Sid, which requires you to save your friends through various obstacles and dangers. You will meet a variety of characters in the Ice Age that you are familiar with, presented with graphics that are very okay in the Ice Age style that will definitely make you feel at home for long playing this game. This Gameloft game has been downloaded 10 million times and received a 4.3 rating from 1,315,347 users.


This game has good graphics but is lightweight. Highly recommended for those of you who like diablo-style RPG action games. This is an angel and demon battle with the concept of hack and slash. In playing SoulCraft you will be presented with a character on a job basis. If you want a hack and slash freemium game with okay quality, then SoulCraft is your best choice.

7.The Walking Dead

Games that are inspired by this TV series exploded enough in the market to make this zombie game get sequel. The Walking Dead you can play from season one and continue to season two to feel the sensation of fighting with the zombies that are very scary.

The Walking Dead: Season One has a rating of 4.5 from 1,048,696 users, while The Walking Dead: Season Two has a rating of 4.4 out of 545,903 users, both of which have been downloaded more than 10 million times. A perfect parameter to choose the best adventure game, right?

8.Ninja Arashi

Here you will become a ninja named Arashi. You have a mission to save the child, and you must use your best abilities to avoid ninja traps and defeat your enemies one by one until the end of the mission.

The controls of this game are very simple where on the left is the movement button and on the right is the button for jumping, throwing shuriken and sword attacks. You will never get bored playing this game because it is supported by graphics that are really okay and smooth, and there are 40 levels that you must complete. Ninja Arashi has been downloaded more than 50 million times.


This game has 2D style, if you are bored of 3D games, this game can be your choice. Here you will become an Oddmar who must save villagers who disappear suddenly. A look that does not mean not mean can not do anything, with the help of the forest fairy, Oddmar turned into a true viking figure. Control of this game is quite easy to do, you will not jump too far or not too far. Everything will feel right with the same tempo and momentum as in the real world.

10.The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

If you like games with pirate themes, then this game is really for you. Here you will become a pirate and can be anchored wherever you want while completing the mission that has been provided. You can also sell your booty when you dock to repair the ship or upgrade your ship to explore the fierce Caribbean sea. With graphics that are really good and a large map you will not be bored playing adventure games on Android on this one.


One of the best adventure games is almost 1 decade old, first released on a PC a few years ago until finally getting a mobile version that can be played on the Android and iOS platforms in 2013 ago.

Here you will be a wasted robot and must complete the mission to save your girlfriend from the Black Cap Brotherhood who is nothing but a group of villains. You will not have difficulty playing this game because the controls are very easy and simple, but you have to rack your brain in each scene because every scene in this game is quite difficult.

Thus reviews and recommendations of the best adventure games on Android that are cool and won’t bore you. Which are you playing? Or do you have other recommendations? Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about the world of games and gadgets only in bestgamingnews.com.

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