12 Best Offline RPG Games on Android & iOS in 2020

Most people equate the action genre with RPG, even though the two are different, although sometimes there is also an RPG action genre. The hallmark of RPG or Role Playing Games is playing a role in battle to defeat an opponent. For you lovers of RPG games, most of the best RPG games on Android & iOS must be played online using an internet connection, but there are also RPG games that can be played offline. So you don’t waste your quota anymore, right?

Best Offline RPG Games

For fans, the RPG offers a special excitement, where you can set yourself what role you want and used to complete what kind of mission. This time we will provide recommendations on the best offline RPG games on Android & iOS in 2020 that you can play without quota.

1.Angry Birds Epic

Who does not know Angry Birds ? Angry Birds are usually synonymous with throwing birds into a herd of pigs hiding in a building structure. But in Angry Birds Epic, these birds appear in the RPG genre with several roles such as fighter, mage, support and many more.

This game is also suitable for children to play because the rating is 3+, so you don’t need to worry when your younger sibling plays this game. The figures used are the same as Angry Birds usually but with a typical RPG role that is packaged funny and interesting.

2.Summoners War

There are 1000 types of monsters with elements of light, dark, water, fire, light and wind. You will become a summoner who is able to summon monsters to achieve victory. Presented in 3D and can be played offline, making one of Summoners War’s best RPG games becomes very attractive with bright colors that spoil the eyes.

3.Chaos Ring III

Square Enix is ​​one of the best offline RPG game game developers, so you don’t need to doubt the graphic quality in this game. If you are used to playing with the JRPG genre then you will have no trouble playing this game. There are 5 main elements in the game that you can play, namely gale, blaze, aqua, and holy and dark.

4.Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC

This game is themed medieval fantasy, a theme that is quite rarely touched by game developers these days. And Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC managed to bring the medieval fantasy theme through graphics and visuals that really spoiled the eyes. Here you will enter the world of fantasy with advanced technology.

5.Final Fantasy VII

You could say the Final Fantasy series is a masterpiece from Square Enix. This game is very memorable among gamers, because the story is very deep with intricate intriguing plots. The graphics used are no longer old-school and HD, so you can see the effects of attacks with more HD in this version. Final Fantasy VII is also very instrumental in making the offline RPG genre rise in popularity when it was first released on the PS1 game console.

6.Final Fantasy IX

Just like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX Game has already been released on the PS1 console. This game has experienced a sharp increase in terms of graphics that have been presented with HD. Final Fantasy IX has its own uniqueness in each character both from the background, nature to the skills possessed by each character.

7.Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns game which is filled with futuristic elements has managed to unite the magical world and technology. On the other hand you are in an era full of technological sophistication, but on the other hand you will find dwarfs, orcs, to elves or trolls. You will here become Shadowrunner who is a mercenary and look for who Emerald City Riper is who is a serial killer.


Crashlands game is quite unique and has a truly stunning graphical display. Here you are together with a small robot that always accompanies being stranded on a planet that is still very alien. Without a mini map, you are required to find clues from everything around you, including NPCs, to survive.

9.Galaxy On Fire 2

This game is no less exciting with the previous series. Presented with 3D quality, one of the best offline RPG games on Galaxy On Fire 2 is able to attract attention. You will drive a plane here that is damaged and thrown in a galaxy that is different from usual. You will meet opponents and enemies that are facing and you must survive the attack.

10.Darkness Reborn

The background of the Darkness Reborn game is a world of darkness, where you will not be alone here and will be accompanied by soldiers in every battle. There are many characters that you can choose here Craft, Enhance, and Evolve to fight the Boss Cursed Knight together with the warriors who always accompany you.

11.Chaos Legends

You will be a hero here with your mission is to create peace. 3D effects and graphics presented by this Chaos Legends game will make the playing experience so enjoyable and unforgettable. Here you will be challenged with a series of missions that you must complete so that peace can be created.

12.Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

Set against a fantasy world with 3D graphics, you here must escape from the evil witch’s evil along with other hero characters. Baldur’s Gate II uses the rules of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, really right for you a true gamers.

This is the review and recommendation of the best offline RPG game that you can play without quota on your Android smartphone or iOS in 2020. Which games have you played? Or do you already have your own recommendations? Stay tuned for the latest news about games only at bestgamingnews.com.

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