12 MOD GTA San Andreas Android You Must Try With Download Links

Mod or broadly means ‘modification’ and is a very common thing in a game, not least for the GTA San Andreas Android game. There are many mods available that you can try to be a variation in the game so it’s not boring.

MOD GTA San Andreas

Mods are usually aimed at people who are already very skilled in the game and want to try new things in the game. Here are 12 GTA San Andreas Android MODs that you can try along with the download link.

1.Surfing Mode

This mod will give CJ a surfboard that you can activate near the water. Now you don’t have to bother looking for a boat to walk through the water. It would be very exciting to be able to try surfing on the beach

You can download the mod here .

2.Crazy Train Mod

As the title suggests, this mod will make 2 trains go very fast regardless of the people around them. The residents even ourselves can be run over by this train. It’s not very useful, but if you’re the type of player who likes chaos, this will be perfect for you to download.

You can download the mod here .

3.Tsunami Mod

You will be surprised by the state of the city of Los Santos submerged in sea water. You will see a view of a car driving under water. The city that used to be there is flooded and you can’t enter it. This is perfect for those of you who like to play on water.

You can download it here .

4.Super Powers Mod

With this mod, you will be able to run very fast and lift cars easily like a superhero. The enemy will also die in 1 hit. It’s worth a try, bro, for rioting in Los Santos.

You can download the mod here .

5.Flying Mode

Indeed, it seems that this mod is not very useful because we can activate the Jetpack cheat . However, it is better to see CJ can fly like superman.

You can download the mod here .

6.Super Long Train Mod

Indeed, there are only behavior of modders in the game world. If you want to see a super long train, you can use this mod, bro . Although its function is unknown other than a train which became very long compared to normal size.

You can download the mod here .

7.Parkour mode

As the title suggests, you will be able to perform some Parkour- style acrobatics . Like doing somersaults backwards 3-4 times. We also don’t know what the benefits of this mod are, but CJ looks pretty amazing when he jumps backwards.

You can download the mod here .

8.Rock Throwing Mod

With this mod you no longer need to have a firearm, bro . You are given the power to throw a boulder out of nowhere. Even the damage generated from throwing stones can also kill people in the GTA San Andreas Android game with one hit . But that’s the power of a mod game, it can make something that can’t be possible.

You can download the mod here .

9.UFO Attendance Mod

This is quite interesting to discuss brott . With this mod, we will be able to meet the alien craft that we usually call UFOs. It is located on the outskirts of the city and in the middle of the forest. The UFO presented is also very cool and we can climb on it.

You can download the mod here .

10.Horse Riding Mod

Who doesn’t want to ride a horse in the GTA San Andreas game? This mod will make your dream come true. You can ride a horse like a cowboy , bro . The horses that are presented can also perform Standing attractions such as riding a motorbike, isn’t that funny? It will be very exciting to try this one mod.

You can download it here .

11.New Girlfriend Mod

This is definitely the mod that the men have been waiting for, bro . You can call a lot of new girlfriends when you use this mod. Starting from Marie, Julie, Valerie, Elizabeth, Adeline, and the last Victoria. Get ready to be fought over by beautiful girls in the GTA San Andreas Android game.

You can download the mod here .

12.Kiss Any Woman Mod

With this mod, the dream of kissing all the women in Los Santos will come to an end. You just need to approach the woman you want to kiss and then she will come to you by herself. This mod is the most mandatory to try.

You can download the mod here .

Those are all the mods we could find for the GTA San Andreas Android game.


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