13 Best Android Online Game Cheat Applications in 2019

If you feel like playing the most popular game Mobile Legends (ML), Free Fire (FF), Clash of Clans (COC) or PUBG on android in the usual way there are no challenges anymore, whether because you are too good at it or you are just losing, then the list of online game cheat applications is the answer to all your worries.

online game cheat applications

By using this cheat you can get what is not obtained by ordinary players from the beginning of playing. Cheating? Actually it’s just a term. By using this application you can get a new challenge since the beginning of the game, the most important thing is when using this cheat game, don’t harm other players.

Use this application to have fun and look for a new atmosphere in play. The following is a list of the best cheat applications on android that you can use when playing online games Mobile Legends (ML), Free Fire (FF), Clash of Clans (COC) or PUBGM in 2019.

1.Guardian Game

Game Guardian

Game Guardian is one of the best online game cheat applications on Android at the moment. This application offers more than what you expect from an ordinary cheat application, plus there are so many additional functions and scripts that will make the game more interesting.

If you are looking for applications that are close to Cheat Engine that you can use on cellphones and Android emulators , then this is the application you are looking for. This application is relatively easy to use and completely free. However, some very basic knowledge about how the hex value in the game runs will greatly help improve skills in playing.

In other words, by editing the correct hex value you will make the game different. You can use Game Guardian for games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile , PUBG, Free Fire and many more.



Mod APK or APK that has been hacked is one of the best cheats on Android and is widely available for various online games. By using hackerBot FreeFinder and ProFinder, you can easily get the mod apk of the game you want to play.

This is definitely very helpful, because if you search for APK mods using the Google search engine, usually you will get a fake APK, fill in a survey scam or even the worst you will get an APK containing malware that will harm your phone.

By using HackerBot you will easily get an APK mod that is exclusively posted on forums or communities that are very trusted and well moderated.

3.Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an amazing application that allows you to do editing on your APK such as creating an APK patch to remove ads, creating an APK mod, leveling emulation and making premium purchases in an application. By using Lucky Patcher you can hack and cheat almost all mobile games either rooted or not rooted.

This is the favorite application of most gamers to hack APKs. You are free to try and use Lucky Patcher in your game. But based on the experience of some gamers, the success rate of using this application is not too high unless you do have special skills in the field of programming that will be very useful here.

4.Freedom APK

Freedom APK

This is an application that basically allows you to mimic in-app purchases for $ 0 and allows you to get lots of things for free on Android games. This works for a large number of android offline games that are quite popular, in other words it doesn’t work very well on online applications.

This application requires a cell phone that has been rooted in order to make a free premium currency that you can use to make purchases of premium items in the game. Most gamers really like this application because it is very possible to hack Android games that cannot be hacked with simple memory editing and change the value even more so in games with very high balance and balance protection.

5.Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is one of the best online game cheat applications that you can use on Android or on your PC game . The use of this cheat is very effective by changing the hex value to unlimited. Whatever you can do using this one application.

But using this application is quite difficult and requires special expertise to understand which hex values ​​you should edit. But if you understand it, anything you can change the hex value and make you invincible in the game.

Another alternative application that approaches Cheat Engine capabilities is Game Guardian. Unfortunately, Cheat Engine requires a rooted cell phone to be used optimally.

6.File Explorers

Applications like Root Explorer are called File System Explorers, which basically require root access, but also give you access to browse, and edit any file that is on your Android phone, including changing the save game. You can hack at game difficulty, game prices, money and in-game resources.

In most cases you can hack yourself using this application, but indeed for some types of .db and .sql data files you need a PC to really edit it. This application is already widely used by hackers of the Android game pro.



This Creehack application is almost like Freedom APK, which will simulate Playstore and convert real money purchases into payments at a cost of $ 0, and does not require any connected payment methods. You can get whatever you want, free diamonds, gems or premium items without you having to be connected to the internet.

All you need to do using this application is just download, install and activate this cheat application and then start the game, go to the in-game shop and buy at a cost of $ 0.



Lulubox is already very well known among gamers. By using this application its users can get various interesting items such as premium items or Free Fire weapon skins for free so that the game becomes more interesting. Lulubox supports many games such as Free Fire (FF), Mobile Legends (ML), PUBG Mobile and many more.

The lulubox Free Fire and lulubox Mobile Legends applications basically cannot be used in Indonesia, but by combining them with the VPN application you can use this application properly. All you need to do with this application is download and install this application then find the mod game that you want to hack and cheat.

9.Game Killer APK

Game Killer APK

Game Killer is good enough to be used to hack almost all the games on your Android phone. Allows you to search for hex values ​​as well as edit them, including finding the location of your game memory and hacking the hex values. This application does not require root and you can access freely on your Android phone.

But in some cases, this application cannot work well in certain emulators. So when you find this application does not work well on the Android emulator that you use, you can try another cheat application.


This is the latest generation of the APK modding application on Android. Xmodgames is basically a launcher that allows you to install cheat mods into the game you are playing and play the game in cheat mode, even you have advanced options for the game you are playing.

Xmodgames can run Script Lua (Bot) which can automatically carry out actions such as robbing, collecting social gifts etc. Xmod Games is arguably an excellent alternative to directly download modded APKs from random websites with additional benefits.

But you should be careful because many android game developers have begun to ban the existence of this application, you should not use this cheat application in online games and do not use it on your main account.

11.Key Mapping & Fake GPS

Key Mapping

Emulator is the newest and best way to copy games in a new way and also how to hack Android games to be safer, faster, easier and minimize risk. There are several emulators that are not only compatible with almost every cheat application out there, but they also allow you to map key mappings.

This key mapping serves to control the tap, making the game easier to control and more responsive. So they can maximize the cheat function and they also provide macro functionality, multiboxing support, fake GPS / virtual GPS location services for Games like Pokemon Go that use location navigation in its gameplay. You can use this GPS application on your Android emulator that has or has not been rooted.

12.Private Servers

Private Servers

This is the latest COC cheat method by creating a private server that is different from the original server but similar to the original game server to give players free diamond access or unlimited gems, money, resources, etc.

Basically they can give you anything and everything you want in any game. HOWEVER, they are very difficult to be reengineered and made, including being unable to play on the original game server and join the original players from all over the world. But this is a very cool way to try a different world.

13.Mod APK


This is more a “way” to hack a game without using any applications or tools. However, using this APK Mod is a bit potentially dangerous with the existing risk. This APK mod that has been hacked has been decompiled and modified to include cheat codes that are entered into the game, and then recompiled.

Hacking games this way is very popular, because it doesn’t require you to have a rooting cellphone and it also works for online games to a certain extent. But you should be careful, because this Mod APK has been banned by many online game providers , so it is very possible that your account is blocked after using it, so you should not use your main account.

Note : To use the application this application should use a guest account or another account that is not the main account. All risks arising from the use of this application are fully borne by the user. If you have agreed to it, you can continue to download and use the cheat game application and continue the game.

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