13 Latest Zepetto Point Blank Cheat in 2020

Since it was released in June 2009, Point Blank (PB), which since early 2020 has been re-managed by developer and publisher Zepetto, has not lost its prominence, especially for connoisseurs of online-based FPS games.

Although some people underestimate, one of them is because of the level of toxic player and the use of various fairly high cheats, but it is undeniable that Point Blank Zepetto plays an important role in the growth of the online gaming.

In addition, the level of enthusiasm of gamers towards tips and tricks and Point Blank cheats is still very high. Evidenced by the quite large number of viewers on various Youtube channels that display cheat or hack content that can still be applied in the shooter game.

If you include Troopers who are reckless and dare to take the risk of getting banned. Then there is no harm in you trying out the latest Zepetto Point Blank cheat feature in 2020, which Games News summarizes below.

Zepetto PB Cheat Tutorial

PB Zepetto Cheat Tutorial

For you who first used Cheat on PB, it’s a good idea to download the .dll file extension first because some PCs often experience errors during the cheat installation process. This file is not a new program, but an extension that by default should already be on a PC. So just in case the file is “missing” from your PC, we add the download link below:

File Name            Download link
Vredredist               Package file
MSVCR100.dll       32 bits
MSVCR100.dll       64 bits
D3DX_43.dll         32 bits
D3DX_43.dll         64 Bit

  1. Just like other PC programs, first of all you have to do is download the cheat file via the following link.
  2. After the download you have finished extracting the file into the folder you want.
  3. Then open the file ending in .exe, then right-click and “Run as Administrator”.
  4. After the cheat program is installed click “Generate Key”.
  5. Skip “Skip Ad”, “Copy Key”.
  6. Then enter the key that you copied into the “Injector”.
  7. The last stage, you can immediately start your Point Blank Launcher.

For the record, the file that you will download is in the zip format. So if you don’t have an extractor program like Winrar or 7zip, it’s a good idea to download it first. After that, the installed cheat can be accessed on the game screen using the hot keys below.

  • Up and Down Arrow Direction = Select cheat menu
  • Right Arrow Direction = ON right Cheat
  • Left Arrow Direction = OFF right Cheat
  • INSERT = Show / Hide Menu

When you have finished installing Zepetto Cheat Point Blank on your PC, you can see features that you can try, via the list below:

Fast Quick Change

This cheat allows you to replace weapons faster than other PB enemies. Weapon replacement time is 50% faster than other players. Besides the speed of Shotgun and Sniper weapons to be two times faster than usual. As a result the crossfire action to eradicate enemies in the arena battle Point Blank becomes more effective.

Fast Reload

As the name implies Fast Reload, movement when refilling PB weapon ammunition becomes faster. No need to worry about being targeted by other players during the reload process. You are also more free to move when reloading and do not have to always hide behind a wall.

Fast Respawn

Who tried, who was not upset when the fun of fighting then died, and had to wait for a long respawn. As the name implies, this cheat will make you react faster in the battle arena to eradicate your target toxic player.

Fast Move Speed

As a fan of the shooter and battle royale games, of course you already understand that moving speed becomes a crucial skill in every battle. Good gaming device / mouse factors as well as qualified skills can be the determining factor for victory. But for those who are interested in how to improve movement skills instantly, it seems like you have to try this cheat, which can make movement twice as fast as usual.

ESP Bone / Wallhack

For those of you who don’t know, ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. This means that this cheat makes you have the ability to detect all information about other Point Blank players. Related to this cheat wall hack, you can find out or see through the enemy’s presence, even when they are blocked by certain objects. Besides bullets can also easily penetrate walls and bring death to the target.



When using this cheat, you can find out the position of a teammate or enemy from a distance. Players around you will be marked in a box, so you can quickly identify the presence of opponents playing. With these advantages you can automatically increase the potential kill by chasing and eliminating enemies that are already visible on the screen.

ESP Health

As with other ESP Hack, this ESP Health cheat makes you a Troopers Point Blank that has the ability to see your opponent’s health bar. So you can find out how long the enemy endurance against bullets. You can use these advantages to set a strategy about when the right time to kill your enemies.

ESP Name

ESP Name

This Zepetto Blank Point cheat will make the name of the enemy visible, aka you will be presented with information about the names of other players that appear on the screen. Maybe some of you are already annoyed with one of the players who makes you die continuously. This cheat will help you track its name and of course motivate to target and kill your opponents with great satisfaction.

ESP Line


Cheat ESP Line will allow you to monitor enemy movements. As you can see in the video Kabar Games embed above, the UI will present a line extending from the map at the end of the screen to the actual location of the enemy in the Point Blank battle arena.

No Recoil

The level of stability of each player in directing the shot would be different. If when playing Point Blank you are including inconsistent and often shoot blindly without a hit at all, then you must try this cheat. No Recoil will make your shot easier on the target. The results of close and long range shots will increasingly feel effective and certainly have great potential to produce victory.



As with no recoil, this cheat will make it easier for you to aim at the target. If you want to execute a headshot, the crosshair cursor will adjust to follow the direction of our shot at the enemy. This cheat will also form a shooting line pattern towards the enemy, so we can find out whether our target is right or not.


Main Point Blank without the need to direct aim at the enemy, you can do with the help of this aimbot. This cheat functions to aim the shot automatically. All you have to do is click the shot and sit back and watch the bullet vomit lead directly to the enemy.

AimBullet Killer

As you can see in the video, this cheat will make you a shooter god. No matter where and how far away your enemy is, each bullet that is fired automatically will produce an auto kill for your enemy.

That’s the latest Zepetto Cheat Point Blank (PB) tutorial in 2020. Keep in mind when playing publicly and using cheats, you risk getting banned. So all your own risk.


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