13 of the Best & Most Hits PC Offline Games in 2020

For many gamers, PC is still one of the platform choices in playing games besides Playstation, Xbox and Smartphone. The reason is playing games on a wider screen PC and the sensation of playing games is more satisfying, this is the reason for gamers to keep playing games on a PC or laptop.

best PC Offline Games

There are various games that are presented by various game manufacturers, ranging from online PC games and offline. Video game developers are currently competing to present various video games that are similar to the real world.

Speaking of games, offline games are the most popular things for most gamers, because they no longer need to use internet quotas to play them. Usually those who like light PC games, especially offline, play in single player or multi player modes. Offline games that are also presented are no less exciting with online games.

Various offline and PC android games come with a wide selection of interesting stories, the best graphics and full of fun sensation in playing. Intrigued by what game it is? Let’s look at the recommendations of the 13 Best PC Offline Games 2019 – 2020, the most exciting for you to play from bestgamingnews.com.

13 Best PC Offline Games 2019 – 2020

Warcraft III

Warcraft is arguably included in old games but still exists today, especially for those of you fans of game nuanced strategy. You must try and play this game. Besides being able to be played in offline mode, this game can also be played in online mode where you can play with your friends on the LAN network.

In this game you can also install various mods so that the game doesn’t get bored while playing it. The characters in this game are in the form of orc, undead, nightelf, and human. If you want to install a mod, for example the Naruto mod, the character will automatically come out and be played as a Naruto character. In this game, you must build a base to attack and protect from various attacks.

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is one of the bloodiest and sadistic Open World Games. Carrying the Action-Adventure genre and high quality graphics, this game is the second version of the Prototype 1 series. This game made by Radical Entertainment deserves thumbs up. In this game you can easily slam large military weapons, disgusting mutants, or even chop other intelligent living creatures to replenish health.

For those of you who want to follow the storyline of this game, it is recommended to try the first version first. In Prototype 2 you will not see Alex Mercer. Instead, you will act as Sergeant James Heller. In this game you are required to avenge the death of the main character’s family. The game itself is still set in New York Zero, which is divided into three main areas, Red Zone, Yellow Zone, and Green Zone.

Call of Duty

Yes, who doesn’t know this one of the best war games, this Call of Duty Game made by Activision is a FPS genre war game and uniquely combined with other genres such as action and adventure. For those of you who really like adventure, this FPS game will be very suitable for you to play. Starting from Call of Duty version 1 to Call of Duty version of Black Ops.

In the Call of Duty game that has several series, you will be invited to reminisce, to recall the development of the Call of Duty game from time to time. And of course for some gamers must have their own memories when playing every series.

In this game players are required to complete a mission from the beginning to the last mission and follow the storyline until the mission is complete. Players will be assisted by teammates like a real war to go through a mission. So, you will not be alone in fighting against a group of enemies. This game is something you should try and play.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda game: Breath of the Wild this one has entered the 2017 Game of the Year nomination criteria and competed with several big games behind it such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or Final Fantasy XV.

This game developed by Nintendo has never withheld its existence from its flagship game. Offline PC game that has the most series for decades with a variety of different gameplay mechanics and genres.

This game is packed with suspenseful stories, fantastic and full of emotions and rich in a variety of surprises in each series. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, after its legendary name among gamers. His new game this one does have qualified visual quality with a variety of interesting worlds of course.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

This game is an advanced series game from the previous Metal Gear Solid game. This game is a collaboration between famous game developer Hideo Kojima and Konami, which comes with a new form and is far more interesting than before. Of all the many series that have been made with a massive fanbase.

Until the publication of a new sequel that has been long awaited the world’s gamers. Which of course with a different taste compared to the previous series, making it a fantastic series that is worth your try. With the theme of Open World being brought, gameplay mechanics are solved by the gamers’ own style of play, new weapon variants with their unique functions and stories with unexpected endings.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an open world game that you must play and experience yourself for both old Metal Gear Solid fans and new players. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is certainly a sequel that is completely different from the previous series, making it the last series that ends sweetly.

The Sims 4

This simulation genre game is indeed mandatory for you to play, where from the previous series, The Sims 4 comes with better quality. The advantage of The Sims 4 compared to the previous title is that 3D graphics are better and more real. Gamers can customize the characters in this game more dynamically.

In this game you will be required to build a house and have a happy family. In addition, you as a player are also required to have a career or job to add money so you can build a big house or buy expensive home equipment like an ordinary family.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

This game made by Ubisoft is really worth trying and playing, where the game is themed action, adventure, and shooter. This game is part of the “Tom Clancy” game series, as well as part of the “Ghost Recon” game family that appears with a different style and feel. Where the previous series “Ghost Recon” which always focuses on stories of corrupt government and interstate conflicts.

Ghost Recon Wildland comes with a fresh story that eradicates drug dealers in South America. The graphics displayed in this game look very beautiful and real, as well as the faces of the main characters look so detailed and the atmosphere of the game is very prominent.

So it’s no wonder Ghost Recon Wildlands is the biggest open world game that Ubisoft created, which presents various types of playgrounds, from mountains, jungles, deserts to salt fields.

Battlefield IV

Battlefield 4 game is arguably the Electronic Arts answer to the Call of Duty game series that is already very global and popular in the gaming world. In this game you as a player will act as a member of the US Special Force group with the Tombstone team code.

This group aims to overcome the military coup that occurred in China as a result of the murder of a politician who has the potential to overthrow the previous government, namely Jin Jie. This caused chaos in the city of Shanghai because Commander Zhang finally invaded the city and seized power.

In this game you will act as a military force that will spend more time fighting. Battlefield IV game can be said to be the best Battlefield game series with the best story and visual quality improvement.


This game developed by Rockstar Game has succeeded in making games based on open-world and carrying the theme of action-adventure. GTA V has shown stable graphics since the game was launched. Games that have a first and third person perspective where the player is given the freedom to explore the game freely but must still carry out the mission given.

The vast world and missions that have different levels of difficulty make this game even more interesting to follow until exhausted. Players are given the task to set all three characters during single-player mode and can exchange between them during the game and when completing missions.

A GTA V story focused on criminal plots, and various missions that involved themselves with shootings and races. So do not be surprised you will feel at home playing this game for hours with a variety of interesting missions, especially if you use the GTA 5 cheat .

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 game is arguably the best fighting PPSSPP game in 2017. This game made by Bandai Namco does not need to doubt its existence in the gaming world. Tekken 7 game with its new series offers a fighting game that is not just interesting but slick in various battles.

Where in this Tekken 7 game tells the story of a child who is ungodly and wants to fight against his father and finally their dispute ends in this latest series. With the self-defense skills possessed by each character, with a variety of mainstay moves that you can apply, making the Fighting game in this latest series interesting for you to try.

Wolfenstein II; The New Colossus

The Wolfenstein game is one of the coolest FPS games. You will play as a first person blaster featuring an interesting alternative historical story. Plus all the great Nazi destruction acts make this series recommended to play. The main character is a war veteran BJ Blazkowicz who fought against the Nazi regime in the 1960s.

The photo graphics displayed in this game are quite realistic which makes the game come alive. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a game that can be said to be almost perfect. This game successfully presents a story, graphics, and gameplay that is worth playing. The mechanism of each game that tends to be brutal actually makes the players curious and happy to face the Nazis.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 game is one of the RPG games that has the world’s most extensive size. Where in this game contains a tense adventure with a monster hunter man like the stories of The Witcher series before. Here you will become Geralt as a Witcher. In this game you will be faced with various enemies and problems on their way.

With an Open World theme that is filled with a variety of regions and different cultures, Side Quest with every intertwining story is interesting, tactical gameplay with full preparation is there and the character’s story that is exciting and full of emotional. Well, you must try the offline game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on your PC, friend.

Far Cry 4

This game is one of the games with the best graphics of the best, this is a Far Cry 4 game. In this game you will find various places with an atmosphere of natural beauty that really spoil the eyes. But behind its beauty in that place there was a civil war which was quite sadistic in a small country, namely Kyrat. Other than that,

This game will present an interesting survival action that will make you feel more challenged to carry out each mission. You can be sure you won’t get bored playing this game for hours.

Well, that is a partial list of the best PC offline games 2019 – 2020 that you must try to play on your computer or laptop. The quality of graphics, storylines, and consoles that are presented on PC games are also no less great and interesting than Playstation, XBOX, and Nintendo games.

Offline game on this PC is not always only be played offline, but you can also play it online or multiplayer . Have fun and spend time with a variety of super exciting offline games above, buddy.

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