16 Most Kawaii and Sexy Women’s Cosplay Gaming in the World

Cosplay has spread throughout various countries, as fans enjoy wearing costumes and pretending to be characters they admire. In the world cosplay community, there are a number of the most kawaii (beautiful and sexy) female gaming cosplayers who make this hobby a career.

Not only rely on a beautiful face or a sexy body, they are professional cosplayers who are always committed to appear as much as possible when playing the fictional characters they bring. The following is a list of the sexiest and most kawaii female cosplayers in the world.

1.Omi Gibson

There are lots of NSFW ( Not Safe for Work ) cosplay out there. After all, some of the characters that are followed in this cosplay tend to dress as they like. Not to mention their clothes are quite easy to modify if anyone wants to dress more openly.

Although photos of Japanese cosplayer Omi Gibson are mostly “safe”, the style is still very attractive. Kabar Games is sure its fans don’t complain either. Take a look at the cosplay video above. He exudes the same charm and seductive charm as the original character, while adding his own allure to the look.

2.Crystal Graziano

When talking about cosplayers, most of them tend to wear very sexy clothes. It is usually enjoyed by fellow fans and in line with certain characters. If you’re only interested in sexy lingerie, see the cosplay video above. He does a very interesting pose and looks exactly like the original character.

In the cosplay community, Crystal Graziano is a pretty famous face. He has played a number of different characters from all types of games, and he has many online fans. Crystal Graziano’s ability makes him a favorite of fans, whether he wears space suits or swimwear.


Here it is, a lesser-known cosplayer, but no less beautiful. Mary or SuperMaryFace (famous name on YouTube) is an internet artist who initially became a model. He eventually turned into a cosplayer, and he has done a number of materials related to video games and comics throughout his career.

Mary is perhaps best known as the wife of a fellow YouTuber CinnamonToastKen. Both of them tend to keep their careers apart, but sometimes appear on their respective channels. Mary can do a number of different looks, and as you can see from the Lara Croft cosplay, she tries hard to do it. She is currently pregnant with her first child, so it is likely she will not appear for a while.

4.Heather Cosplay

Heather Cosplay

There are lots of great cosplayers out there. Heather is one of the most kawaii cosplay you can find. Not much can be found about him on the internet, although it seems he has been doing this for a long time, and like everyone else, has made this a career choice.

He is not one of the most well-known cosplayers, but Heather did great work in making intricate details of the clothes and characters that she displayed. Take for example Metal Gear Solid cosplay. Eva’s outfit was very special for that era, but Heather got all the small details perfectly and looked fantastic.

5.Stella Chuu

Stella Chuu is a unique case in this list. She is really beautiful, sexy and very talented and kawaii in terms of cosplay, but there is something that distinguishes her cosplay from the others that you will see on this list. What Stella is doing is called Cosplay Burlesque.

Apart from that, Stella is a really cool cosplayer. He is a geek and he clearly enjoys what he does. It seems that feeling is equally felt between him and this community, because he has many fans who support him.

6.Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Canadian women are famous for their beauty. Although there aren’t too many Canadian representatives on this list, News Games will still include Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. This beautiful woman with a sexy Canadian-French body shape has been plunged into the world of cosplaying for several years, and has performed impressively at various events.

With many appearances in magazines, her own website, and selling merchandise, Marie-Claude has clearly benefited from her popularity among cosplay fans. He is known for doing some passionate characters and doing everything from video game characters to anime and comics too.

7.Electric Lady

You have to be anything if you want to be a professional cosplayer, that’s for sure, and Kara here can do anything as a cosplayer. He always looks attractive and pleases his fans, but in the end the most impressive part of his performance is his work and details in each of his costumes. From the smallest property to his own hair, he can easily penetrate into his character.

8.Vera Chimera

Although this list features some veterans who are quite experienced, Vera is someone who continues to improve in the world of cosplay. This fiery Australian cosplayer started in 2006 and has remained stably in the cosplay community since its debut.

He does a number of characters, from anime to games and comics. But the video game character cosplay really made him stand out among his fellow cosplayers. From Ada Wong, Elizabeth and Yuna, Vera did some very good cosplay.

But he became famous after playing Lilith Borderlands 2 in live action . His latest work as Tracer on Overwatch is one of the strongest cosplay you’ll ever see. If you like good cosplay, then you should check out the performances.

9.Yaya Han

We arrived at one of the most kawaii cosplayers who are very experienced in this women’s gaming cosplay list. Yaya Han has been cosplaying for a long time. Yaya is currently in her 40s, which may surprise many because she looks like she is in her 20s. In the cosplay community, Yaya is a well-known name, and he has cosplayed as a number of well-known and popular characters.

You know you have become famous when someone wastes time to make you a page on Wikipedia . He entered cosplay almost two decades ago, making him one of the early pioneers who popularized it in the West. With women like him who popularized it, how was that not famous?

10.Megan Marie

The first thing you will notice from Megan, besides her sexy and beautiful appearance, is high attention to sophisticated details and photographs. Cosplaying is a very fun hobby for many people, and you can really know how much someone loves, by seeing how much effort they have done for their costumes.

When you get a high-quality cosplayer like him, then that will really make the other cosplayers you saw before be nothing. Megan looks strong and perfectly accentuates the character. So far, he has performed the best Anya Stroud cosplay, and Megan is one of the most kawaii cosplayers available today.

11.Alodia Gosiengfiao

Although every cosplayer on this list is the one who has achieved success, none has gotten as much success as Alodia Gosiengfiao. The actress and model from the Philippines has made herself famous in the cosplay community and several other entertainment industries.

In addition to being a successful cosplayer, Alodia also put together a film and television career and a singing career. Looking at the photos, it’s not too difficult to know why he is considered one of the best gaming cosplayers ever.

12.Jessica Nigri

Obviously, one of the biggest names in the cosplay world today is Jessica Nigri. He appeared in films, television shows, commercials, music videos, and even games. It is very clear that he was well received by this community and his fans. Jessica was only in her early 20s, but she was already very well known in this field. Clearly, her beautiful and sexy appearance played a role in her success, but so did her impressive cosplay.

Jessica does everything from video game characters to sexy anime characters , and she recently did Pokemon cosplay. However, Jessica is and will probably be the most beautiful and kawaii cosplayer in the world.

13.Katyuska Moonfox

Originating from Down Under, this cosplayer has cosplayed in many Nier series, Marvel comics, and Gurren Lagaan. He has been cosplaying for a decade and currently follows his passion by learning game development. He is also a big fan of the Final Fantasy series. With the video above, could Katyuska Moonfox be crowned as the most kawaii cosplay woman in the world, do you agree?

14.Tasha Cosplay

Moving from Australia to South Korea, there is a very famous Tasha Cosplay. Tasha is the leader of a cosplay girl group known as Spiral Cats, and they specialize primarily in cosplay games, having worked with Riot Games and Blizzard before. His most amazing work is Kerrigan from StarCraft.




We are now heading for another beautiful Asian cosplayer, VampyBitMe (real name: Linda Le). He is a Vietnamese-American and, like Katyuska, cosplayed from various fictional genres, dabbled in anime series such as One Piece, Marvel Comics, and also games like Street Fighter. He has collaborated with Playboy and FHM magazines and was a guest at STGCC Singapore in 2013. He is most famous for his Psyclocke cosplay.

16.Jannet Incosplay

Jannet Incosplay was born and raised in Russia, and is famous for her stunning Widowmaker overwatch cosplay. In addition he also cosplay a large number of anime, games, and comic books. He is also a wig-stylist, after making many seemingly impossible hairstyles.


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