20 Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Clash of Clans Base

Today i got for you 20 tips to improve your clash of clans base. this is for any of you guys who maybe are losing some raids or just don’t feel you have a good base and maybe just want to make your own base, but don’t know how to make a really good base.

clash of clans tips

So what we’re gonna do is i’m going to go ahead and go through 20 simple tips to just help you out with your base building. Now I’m gonna play a little comment section game.

If you guys can go and tell me how many trophies you have right now and how many you can think you can get to I’d like to see what my ranks are or what you guys’s ranks are and how I compare to you guys. So go ahead and put them in the comment section down below.

Alright guys so far first step is sectioning off your different defenses or your just your base in general. When it comes to section off your base but you do not want to do is right here.

As you can see right here it is just a straight team these are called. These are like terrible tease guys right here. I call these the terrible tease and what is it allows for wall breakers to absolutely to destroy your base.

they’re going to go ahead and they’re going to go for this spot right here. This little T and you’ll be able to get into both of these defenses right here but if you can go ahead and kind of section them off and that kind of like stagger the lines, they’re going to go for these little corners right here and when I get the corners it’s just going to destroy that corner.

But not allow for both these two. now I actually do have them in the same area. if you want to go ahead and like push them back right here. So they’re actually in separate areas. I’m going to go ahead and do that real quick see. As you can see right here they’re actually in separate areas like this.

If you do something like this you’re not going to do they’re going to actually have to it’s going to require more wall breakers take down these two archer towers and it would be these two are towers over here. spreading out your storages is just as vital as spreading out both your defenses.

one thing that I actually tend to do sometimes I give up on the other storage that I’m trying to defend. so if I’m trying to get a lot of gold this actual elixir storage will be on the outside and it usually won’t be getting too much so people won’t be trying to rate you. if you can go ahead and just spread out all of your storages that’s going to make it to where nobody can get pretty much all the storages at once.

now for right here people are probably going to get the elixir storage but since ever they’ll spread out,it’s gonna make it a lot harder to get out the other storages.by spreading out an actual base it actually helps prevent a three-star. by the time hall you get the more likely you are to get three-star, so if you can go ahead and try to prevent a three-star maybe except two-star something like that.

instead of Game three start, the more likely you are to be able to actually win your clan wars and things like that. so having this kind of a base where everything is really spread out it’s going to help prevent a three-star.

if you even go look ahead at some of the best bases or the top players in the world I know this isn’t necessarily most of the time the greatest thing to be looking at is let’s go over to the top players, just so she even go look over at this type of player right here their bases are really really spread out they use up the whole map.

so that whatever kind of Town Hall you’re going to want to try to spread it out as much as possible, while maintaining a well-structured base. symmetry is a very prevalent thing you see in a lot of very good bases. as you can see right here you have your archer tower and your mortar along with your archer tower on your motor right here.

you also have both a cannon and a arch retire right here along the same thing over here. there’s also a hero in both spots so there’s a lot of symmetry that goes on and more than likely more than most of the times that you try to do this. you’re going to end up having a successful base.

if you go ahead and just follow that rule of symmetry. never leave a base unguarded at one spot or a weak spot within the base people always find that out and they’ll always tend to exploit that. as you can see all throughout the perimeter of this base right here.

there’s a lot there’s pretty much no weak spots. you only stay at place I’d say people tend to attack the most would be this barracks over here, and since we have two wizard towers and two mortars within the range of these two this little section right here people are still not going to attack it as much.

so whatever you do do not load up on one side like over here and load this up over here it’s and to keep this side really weak. all right guys one of the biggest mistakes I see with in a clash of clans bases they do not put their wizard tower adjacent to both their storages.

as you can see right here this would make a good little section right here.this wizard tower has a radius over both of these two storage. now it doesn’t have to be directly it could be something like this or like this. as long as the radius of the wizard tower is within both of the two storages and usually more preferably, as if it’s kind of sandwiched in between two storages.

as you can see even not many bases do this but, if you can go ahead and get away with this, it actually looks really good and it makes for a better defense. take advantage of the ability to funnel into use traps. if you have any outside little areas the most outside sections of your base what you’re going to want to do is go ahead and kind of just take out a wall right there.

as you can see there’s no raw right here,it’s pretty much all taken out and that will allow you to be able to actually use some traps, so go ahead once you have that stick either a bomb maybe some spring chat or even load up a Giant Bomb over there.

right here this is a this is what you would think would be a more defense mode offender ball actual base structure right here just dealing everything off, but sometimes leaving a little bit of space to go ahead and funnel some troops in and be able to get them destroy both bison traps.

when you’re deciding where to put your air defenses always be in mind to go ahead and spread those bad boys out one of the biggest mistakes I tend to see is people tend to go ahead and put these air defenses. maybe even if they’re within the core of the base they squish them together and that just makes for easy error rate.

so if you can go ahead even if they’re kind of on the outside of the base spreading out air defenses is proves more vulnerable than squishing in air defenses. if you go ahead and look at my base right here or any of my bases even this one.

as you can see they’re all spread out now they’re not spread out entirely great, but this one’s actually a little bit better. as you can see there’s one all the way over here over here and over here that that’s kind of like a th8 design and even especially with a war base you’ll look at this war base right here there’s one all the way over here over here over here and over here. they’re all spread out they’re not condensed into one area.trap placement is critical within a base and you can set up things such as a funneling base. as you can see right here this would be considered a funneling you have something a wide-open other storage or a can along with some traps – go ahead go ahead and do something like a funneling thing especially lower cap houses proves very vital, but this allows you to do is it allows things such as a defensive-minded troop to go ahead and go right for these defenses and fall right into whenever one of your traps. now keep in mind the later in the town halls you get even more vital are the traps. now especially the non funneling type traps. now when you get to the town hall level nine ten or eleven maybe whenever it comes out eight nine ten, eleven, when it comes out you’re going to be one to keep in mind that funneling probably won’t be as good anymore because longer army compositions that just run right over wraps are going to be a little bit more prevalent.

so spreading your things like spreading your giant bombs out within the base but the NA war base actually makes it a lot more difficult to hit or actually three-star. we’re going to go ahead and go over to my war base right here. this is my anti three-star base.

as you can see right here you have giant bombs spread out throughout the base. along with just regular bombs now what that’s meant to do is prevent some hog damage or just troops that really could penetrate the base very well. spreading them out actually helps a lot.

when it comes to creating an actual war base what you’re actually going to want to do is go ahead and condense your keep in, as close as possible to your base all of your outside things. if you’re going ahead and spreading them out just to get that little radius effect as you guys can see like right here that’s not going to bode well for you because you can have archers easily pick those off.

it could be the means of a one or two star, if someone has like 40% on you but you have all your your your miscellaneous things on the outside and they’re way far out all they can do is drop a few archers down without resistance.

by keeping it close to the actual walls and the the main base itself it allows some defenses to actually go ahead and take out maybe some troops that are trying to pick off those extra buildings. right just using something called the triangular formation whereas that means or the trying of the quad formation where everything is spread out to equal either a rectangle or a right angle.

now depending on what Town Hall level you are if you’re below a Town Hall level 9 you’re only going to have 3 of these towers right here. what I recommend doing is something like. that as you can see there’s like I spread out triangle things like such as your air defense your wizard tower your mortars.

those are the three big things that you’re gonna want to go ahead and make a triangle or a rectangle within the base. try to make your clan castle as hard to lure out as possible. as you can see right here this clan castle is entrenched within the base.

even if it’s one more over, as you can see all they have to do is drop a troop right here or right right. here or right here and I can easily lure out the clan castle troops. but if you’re going ahead and trying to keep claimed castle troops try to keep it as centered as possible within the actual base itself.

this just prevents people from trying to lure out your clan castle. you don’t have to cram everything into a base. what you can do you can even leave little spaces as you can see there’s space right here, there would be space right here, there’s actually a space without the hole within the whole base or space right here right here.

there’s everywhere there’s little little spots here and there that actually just kind of spread the base out a little bit. so if you want to maybe instead of doing something we’ll go ahead and show you guys real quick. I get over to that at the actual home village.

if you want to do this maybe you have this, so this I know these are terrible examples but this is within their like the core of your base I have these three things right here. you could have this one right here or you could try something like this. you know have a little spread out right here.

a little spread actually right there, so it makes it a little bit longer so let’s go ahead and add the walls real quick I’ll go ahead and add right on to that I think they’re actually going to just actually come together but we didn’t have we met to spread them out a little bit more.

but having that little space in between is gonna make the troops maybe one second slower and time is a very big factor within rating if you know those seconds add up so the more spaces you add effectively do not add them like everywhere.

the more spaces you add here and there are going to actually add up and maybe a waste 10 seconds for the actual person rating you which could mean everything so you know keeping that symmetrical feeling going ahead and keeping symmetry within the base along with going ahead and having a space will actually kind of keep in mind how long is the base will actually withstand an actual rate so what I’m trying to say is basically there’s space right here you’re going to have symmetric symmetries of the obviously there’s going to be space on the other end as well so always keeping in account symmetry when you’re going ahead and adding space with it the base that was a rhythm that was run test laws are actually a very important defense within the game and actually considered a trap but they are a defense in my opinion because of the fact of how high damage dealing they are and how daddy had damage down they can get or one of the highest damage dealing defenses in the game so go ahead and try to keep them close to your townhall whenever you’re trying to you know do something like a trophy push or just trying to do win a clan war just for the fact that they can go ahead and destroy a lot of I damage dealing rubes as long as as well as a peck of the pekka’s worst enemy is a Tesla so if you can go ahead and keep them within the core of a base they’re actually going to help destroy that those Packers a little bit bit I’d only do Tesla’s act as a very good support to the core of a Town Hall they also act as a very good trap that’s why they act as traps a lot of the times if you can go ahead and put your Tesla inside a trap what could happen is especially when you’re trying to funnel they’re going to go ahead and they’re going to go over for these defenses only most defensive minded troops or going to be having high hitpoints and going to be meat steaks so a perfect counter to those are going to be adding some tests let’s test those are high damage defenses that are able to go ahead and attack those defense is really strong so let’s counter to a very high hit point troop is a high attacking ef’n I know I touched on the point of symmetry already within defenses but even symmetry within structures of the base are very prevalent in a lot of very good bases as you can see there’s kind of like an L shape right here if we go down here this is that exact same L shape down here you have a longer L right here you have it all should also have that longer L right here right here and right here so there’s actually lots of patterns within a base that you can actually notice so try to incorporate patterns you know if you use maybe two right here a block of two right here come down around here and use that same block of two over here try to keep your base symmetrical within both the structure of the base and the defenses one of the most common things I see when people fail three stars is they do not take an account builder size on the outside edges a quick little trick to actually prevent a 3-star sometimes is putting your builders huts on the outside edges but this allows you to do is someone might go ahead and deploy all the troops forgetting about these builder sets the destroy this whole base and they’ll not have enough time to get to the builder sets so they’ll end up getting like a 98 or 99% and it actually sucks for them while you only have a to start a bit against your base you’re not over section or under section things as you can see what I recommend doing is about four at maximum for defenses at maximum right here there’s about four I think one two three there’s like one two right there’s only one right here so within each section I’d say about four maximum a little more in a little less that could bode over of it a little more would be a lot more than a little less I’m so going ahead and doing too many sections or doing too broad of sections I’ll go ahead and give an example real quick and show you what I tend to see a lot of guys do is they go ahead and they make these huge sections we’ll go ahead edit this layout and we’ll remove all actually let’s go to this one over here go ahead and edit this remove all what I tend to see people do is either they’re like this or they get this and they make these huge sections within the basis where they have a ton of troops and that that only really works for Town Hall level 10 guys when it comes to town a level 9 you don’t have enough defenses or town a little 9 and below you do have enough defenses to go ahead and count or something like that now another thing I tend to see is people do this with their defenses they’ve kind of cluster them all in one area and I’m just gonna do this real quick and let’s go ahead and put this one right here this is an example not not depicting any particular troop over another they’ll go ahead and they’ll create one big not one big area but a ton of small little areas and that’s not really good if you create a total small little areas you’re going to waste a lot of wall space and wasting walls base is not something you want to do so it’ll allow you just with the amount of walls that you’re wasting here you could be spreading out your base more preventing a to store any good trap but you do not want to use them like any of these kind of trap you do not want to funnel with skeleton traps you kind of want to keep them more near the core of the base as you can see right here these are relative to the core of the base if you go ahead and get an even closer these troops act as I like a pest they’re like another clan castle so they’re very very good for something like that you’re going to spawn in X amount of skeletons it’s just like spotting an x amount of clan castle troops we’re going ahead and not treating these more like a trap but treating these more of like a actual like clan castle part to a little mini hybrid Tynecastle is going to build you a little bit well a little bit better than if you had to treat them like a try last and most important tip in my opinion is the best defense is a good offense and what I’m trying to mean by that is join a clan join a clan that would donate you troops almost all the time it could be anything from which it witches to wizards to even archers it really does not matter the troop as long as you have something act up within your base it will give you a lot greater odds to go ahead and successfully defend against a raid people do not attack usually with the intentions of coming across the clan castle troops clan castle troops go catching them off guard by heading clan castle troops in your clan castle will definitely bow you very well to preventing a potential three-star all right guys I want to thank you all for watching this video if you at least learned something please give a like I definitely would appreciate that I hope you learned at least one new thing to building a better base and hopefully you didn’t know everything on this list I know a lot of people are gonna type in the comment section if you like I am everything in this base this base tutorial is terrible I know I’m gonna get that everywhere but hopefully maybe I just helped out one or two people and that’s probably pretty much the the goal I had for this video so thank you all for watching this video I definitely really really appreciate it I’ll see you guys next time and later

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