3 Tips for Not Easy to Lose in Game of Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Game : Mobile is still a popular game on mobile devices today. This game may be competing with battle royale games like PUBG Mobile.

call of duty mobile

For those of you who are playing the game Call of Duty : Mobile, you can pay attention to the following things so you do not easily lose the game.

Active Moving

When the enemy is in front of your eyes, try to keep moving left or right. This will make it harder for enemies who are aiming for you. When moving to avoid bullet attacks, you can still aim your weapon at the enemy.

Internet connection

Internet connection must be in a stable condition, so the game can run smoothly. If the connection is intermittent, then this will make gamers uncomfortable and lead to defeat because gamers find it difficult to knock out enemies.

Use the Best Weapons

Every gamer has their own style of play. Some like to use automatic weapons or use long-range weapons (sniper). Look at the map to choose the best weapon when fighting against enemies.

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