3 Tips for Playing Call of Duty Games Mobile for Beginners

Call of Duty Game: Mobile offers several game modes ranging from team deathmatch to battle royale. This online game can be downloaded free on Android.

call of duty mobile

For those of you who are first time playing Call of Duty Game: Mobile, there are at least a few things you need to pay attention to.

Game Control

In the game Call of Duty: Mobile, gamers can choose to use Simple Mode or Advanced Mode. Using Simple Mode can be the best choice because the character will fire bullets automatically when the gamer directs the target to the opponent.

Arrange Weapons / Loadout

Being a sniper for beginners might be difficult. Because, this weapon must be able to hit the target correctly. If a bullet misses, the load time for the next bullet will make the situation dangerous if the enemy is in sight.

Using automatic firearms is the best choice. Don’t forget to upgrade and embed accessories to improve weapon capabilities.

Do not be alone

Professional or experienced gamers can run quickly to strategic places without being escorted by friends. Mastery of a capable game makes it able to fight the enemy even if alone. This is different from novice gamers, try to stay close to your friends to be safer when shooting with your opponent.

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