3 Tips on Effective Farming in Black Desert Mobile (BDM)

In addition to being a very exciting RPG game that you can play easily, Black Desert Mobile also offers a fair balance evenly in terms of gameplay. After the previous we inform the best farming places in Black Desert Mobile, this time we will discuss effective tips and tricks on how to collect all currencies (Pearl, Silver, Gold) BDM games effectively.

In this article, we will focus on the three most important currencies in the game Black Desert Mobile (Silver, Ancient Gold Coins, Black Pearls) and what you can do to accumulate as many of each of these currencies as possible. Following are effective and fast tips on how to farm in the Black Desert Mobile (BDM) game.

Silver is the essence of BDM games

Silver is the essence of BDM games

Because silver can buy anything (depending on the market) it looks like you will never have enough. You need silver to improve your skills, improve your gear , fuse crystals, improve your camp, buy potions, get pet food, and more.

As a beginner, you might think that your days as a bank of silver currency are still very far away, but the reality is that your economic game starts from the first minute you go around and kill a lot of things. Let’s make a brief inventory of how you can collect more silver for your Black Desert mobile character .

Town Hall

Once a day, the town hall at your camp will generously give out coins. The amount depends on how high upgrading your building is, so don’t forget to keep upgrading your camp because it will benefit the amount of coins you receive.

Marketplace Trading

Every time the latest RPG game on Android is launched, there is always a percentage of players who want to be top quickly. This means rare gear (from Blue to top), as well as items that you need to quickly improve your character (Black Stones with the same rarity) are very expensive.

There is nothing special behind this trend. That’s just high demand for rare supply. If you want to be first, you must really take advantage of this trend. Skills with high scarcity, especially passivity, are also a good way to make money in the first few weeks of the game being released.


Be sure to increase your Blacksmith level at every opportunity. For the reasons mentioned above, any resources you need to make purple and high-quality armor will pay off. For more information about camp life, you can visit the Black Desert Mobile camp guide from us.

Coin of Pearl, Silver and Gold

Coin of Pearl, Silver and Gold

Apart from spending tons of silver, the following methods can produce other valuable currencies. While ancient gold coins are the only currency that you can use at Shakatu’s Gear Shop (which is your best source of equipment), black pearl is mainly used in pearl shops, as well as to exchange Boss Rush ticket stamps.

You might have to check the pearl shop quite often, because it offers amazing deals regularly. Just now, we managed to take the purple item, Ronard Earrings, only 26 BP. The item sells for 55 to 65 BP in the Marketplace, so News Games can benefit more than 100%. You can do the same thing with some items that you get from Shakatu shop.

The orange dagger that we just got can produce 13 million silver in one go. Since the News Games just mentioned Boss Boss, you should know that this is also a good place to increase your wealth. Completing all five stages of Al Rhundi will get you 72000 silver, at least 6 gold coins, and some useful weapons and black stone armor.

As your level increases, the higher the difficulty level of Boss Rush that you can complete, but the more gifts you receive. Ancient Ruins are even better than solo dungeons, because it gives you access to more gold, silver, lightstone, and other coins.

The disadvantage is, you need 4-5 players to join. Luckily, many people in the queue join quickly, so you don’t need to wait more than a few seconds to enter. Another effective way of farming that is very profitable to get silver and black pearls in Black Desert Mobile (BDM) is to complete the achievement. All of them provide these two currencies, but PvP Arena , by far, is the most prominent.

At level 10, you get 300 thousand silver. At level 20, you are given 500 thousand. Then it rises to 700k, 900k, 1.1 million, and, when you reach level 60, it will become a tantalizing 3.9 million silver. This might seem like an insurmountable task, but not really. All you need to do is strengthen your character and increase your level.

Use a PC for Farming

Use a PC for Farming

Aside from everything we have said so far, you can also get silver, gear, skillbooks, stamps for Boss Rush, and improve the quality of stones from good farming. The farming trick, which you can also do offline with the help of your Black Spirit, is to find the right place to increase your Combat Power .

Of course, Nightmare Mode has far more advantages, but with weaknesses where you will most likely be killed by higher level characters. A good way to compensate for this is to join a good guild and organize a farming party with people at the same level.

Because you cannot attack your guild members, this group reduces the chance of your death, either because you will not be attacked from the start or because you will be more difficult to kill when surrounded by allies. The disadvantage is that you will lose a lot of loot, because your pet can only collect in a limited amount of time.

When you play Black Desert Mobile on PC, you don’t need to enter farming mode at all. You can go to areas slightly below your CP, activate Nightmare Mode, and check the surroundings to see intruders from time to time. If you follow all the tips that we have mentioned so far, you will swim in silver in no time.

Those are effective tips on how to quickly and effectively farm currencies (Silver, Pearl and Gold coins) in the Black Desert Mobile game, don’t forget to comment below if there is a news game that you miss.

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