4 Hero Mobile Legends who are good at getting out when attacked

Mobile Legends game is still loved by mobile gamers around the world. The game that carries the online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) genre shows a variety of Hero characters that can be played.

mobile legends

Some of the heroes have been obtained by gamers when they first play Mobile Legends, others can be obtained by buying in the game. Each hero also has its own uniqueness, one of which is a blurred skill to save itself from enemy attacks.

Here are the heroes who have the ability to run away or move quickly, so that the enemy has difficulty attacking.


Moskov’s character has the skill to teleport in the desired direction. Using Abyss Walker skill, this Hero can move places very quickly to a specific place.


Fanny is a Hero character in the Mobile Legends game that has the skill to be able to speed quickly. The Skill Steel Cable that Fanny has can make it escape quickly.


Hayabusa is a hero in the style of a ninja. He has a Quad Shadow Skill that allows him to move to four different places in an instant. As long as the duration of the skill is still active, it can move areas very quickly.


Harley has the ability to make it escape quickly. When chased by enemies, gamers can rely on Space Escape to save themselves. In addition to great blurry abilities, he can also attack by throwing cards to attack enemies.


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