4 Rarely Used Hero Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular games today. This game shows various kinds of heroes that can be played. The selection of the right Hero composition affects the attack power to be able to spend all opponents and destroy enemy towers. One of choosing a Hero can be fatal, so the attack and defense power can decrease.

Mobile Legends hero

Of the many heroes that can be played, some are often used and some are rarely used. Here, explained some of the heroes that are rarely used by gamers of Mobile Legends, which are taken from various sources.

1. Grock

Grock is a big-bodied hero who has influence in battle. It is very dangerous when used by gamers who have mastered it, but in the hands of those who are not used to using Grock, this hero is considered to be passive.

Grock has painful damage especially in the early days of the game, but it can also be a burden for teammates if the player does not control Grock to damage the opponent.

Instead of using Grock, gamers seem to be more likely to use Johnson or Hylos.

2. Uranus

Uranus, one of the heroes that can be relied upon to be a shield for teams or tanks. He has the ability to regenerate, so the enemy is difficult to defeat. However, the skill he possessed, especially the Ulti skill was considered to not have enough damage to help when fighting.

If gamers hunt more kill, then this hero can be used less frequently. Dependent on teammates, playing alone or solo using Uranus doesn’t seem to be the right choice.

3. Estes

Estes is a hero with a support role that can help heal Health Points (HP) teammates. Estes used to be relied on because of having utimate skills that can heal continuously, but after being hit by Nerf, the healing of this hero went a little so gamers started choosing other support heroes.

4. Nana

Nana is able to make enemies who like to run away become slow to move. Nana’s ability to turn enemies into cats seems to be effective in making enemies unable to escape attacks.

However, Nana can only issue this skill to 1 enemy hero, so that she is not too reliable to fight a large number of enemies. Nana’s damage is also not as big as other mages. This is why Nana is rarely used by gamers.


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