5 Best Mobile Legends fighters for October 2020, Khaleed is still superior

Fighter is a class choice in Mobile Legends whose role is quite important. Usually Fighter has high damage and defense because he will often be in the front row when team fights. Of the many fighters that have been released, there are five best fighters in Mobile Legends this October.

What are the best Fighter Mobile Legends hero choices this month? So instead of you guys curious, let’s just go straight into the discussion below, guys!

5. Roger


This Marksman Fighter Hero is one of the best Fighter Mobile Legends heroes because as we know that a few patches ago, the Marksman class was severely nerfed , and Roger is a hero who can replace Marksman’s role as well as become a Fighter in the team.

Roger has two types of fighting, namely fighting from a distance when in human form, and fighting at close range like a fighter when in the form of a wolf.

Roger can produce damage easily, and is able to chase enemies easily too because he has the skill Hunter’s Steps / Bloodthirsty Howl (2) which will increase his Movement Speed for a few moments.

4. Ruby


Next up is Ruby , a Fighter Tank with annoying crowd control skills . Besides being able to provide annoying crowd control such as Stun and Slow, Ruby also has a very high Lifesteal level, she can restore her HP quickly when attacking enemies.

Of the many advantages of Ruby that have been mentioned earlier, unfortunately Ruby has its own drawback, namely that it cannot produce damage like other Fighter heroes in general.

However, this is enough for Ruby to become an additional tanker in the team who is ready to protect friends and disturb enemies when a team fight occurs.

3. Aldous


The fighter who is nicknamed “One Punch Man” is still the best Fighter in Mobile Legends because as we all know that Aldous can attack his enemy in just one hit during the late game.

In addition, Aldous also has an ultimate skill called Contract: Chase Fate which allows Aldous to go straight to the enemy, and this skill can be used to ‘kidnap’ the opponent’s Marksman .

2. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong

I don’t know how long Yu Zhong will stop being the best Fighter Mobile Legends hero . Until now, Yu Zhong is still one of the strongest heroes because he has so many advantages.

Yu Zhong can produce great damage , has high defense , has a large Lifesteal or Spell Vamp level, and is able to provide annoying crowd control to enemies.

Even though he got nerfed in the last few patches , Yu Zhong is still the choice of the best Fighter hero to use.

1. Khaleed


Just like Yu Zhong, Khaleed is also a Fighter hero with a million advantages. The main advantage of Khaleed is that it can produce high burst damage , fast HP recovery, and has quite agile movements.

So, that was the discussion about the five best Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends for this October.

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