5 Effective Tips for Anti Lag and Smooth Gaming on Your Potato PC!

The presence of popular mobile games lately, has not made the PC gamers’ prestige decline. In fact, the more quality games are released here for the PC platform. However, as we know, not everyone has a PC with high specifications so that the resulting performance when playing games is not optimal.


If you are a gamer who is a potato PC user, you don’t need to worry. Through these five tips, you can play games smoothly on your potato PC. Let’s check!

1. Use the Lowest Graphic Quality and Resolution

adjust the graphic quality

The first thing you have to do is adjust the graphic quality of the game being played. The reason is that you also have to be aware that if you have a PC with low specifications, it is impossible for you to play the game with the right or highest setting.

So, try to use the lowest graphic quality that the game offers. Besides that, you can also lower the resolution of the game so that this game doesn’t use HD assets which of course eat more of your potato PC’s performance.

2. Don’t Open Other Software While Playing

Don't Open Other Software

One of the reasons not many people realize why PCs lag when playing games is because they are opening other software, such as Google Chrome, which is quite heavy.

The reason is if you open other software when playing games, then your game will not be able to use all of your RAM and processor properly which results in a decrease in performance.

3. Use Fullscreen Screen Settings

Use Fullscreen Screen

The third tip is to always use the fullscreen setting when playing games. The reason is by using these settings, your OS will focus more on providing performance to your game.

Because if you use settings such as window or borderless, your OS will give some of its performance to applications that are running in the background.

4. Turn off Animations with Advanced Settings

Turn off Animations

To do these tips, you can immediately open Control Panel> System and Security> System> Advanced System Settings> Advanced and press the Settings button in the Performance menu section.

Later there are four options available. Select the ‘Adjust for best performance’ option so Windows won’t use a lot of processor performance and RAM to display animations on your OS.

5. Set the Graphics Card (GPU) Settings

Set the Graphics Card

The last is by adjusting the graphics card settings that you use. For example, for GPUs with the Nvidia brand, you can adjust the settings for certain games, such as turning off the anti aliasing feature to use all CUDA cores on the GPU to produce better performance.

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