5 Life Simulation Games that can be downloaded from the Play Store

Game is a multimedia entertainment. Games are also loved by not only young people, but also many adults who like this electronic game.

Life Simulation Games

Play Store is an Android application store that users need. Not only provides social media applications, Play Store also allows users to download favorite games.

Play Store also has game recommendations that can be downloaded. Here are some life simulation games that can be downloaded via the Play Store.

The Trail

A game that has 5 million downloaders is a survival game in the wild. You can choose 4 types of professions, namely traders, adventurers, loggers or hunters.

This game has a multilevel mission system that is fun to keep playing. Gamers can make clothes, equipment and food to survive. When you are in a game you can interact with other players and can make transactions to survive.

This game is also free for download.

SimCity BuildIt

This game has 50 million downloaders. This simulation game builds a city with claimed graphics and controls that are great for games on mobile.

A comprehensive in-game guide is useful for new players to understand how to play. However, this game is too easy for old players who might prioritize the application of civil science techniques in playing.

This game is played by tap and waits until resources are collected.

Design Home

The game recommended by Play Store is a Home design that has 10 million downloaders. This game is suitable for architects or people who like home decor. You can find inspiration from this game to decorate your original home.

This game can also show each other creativity with other players. Various furniture from professional designers can be purchased with virtual money or real money. This can provide a lot of inspiration when you go to a furniture store in real life.

Tofu Round 2

This Indonesian game has 1 million downloaders. This game is a city building simulation game. The concept of this game is a lightweight cliker / idle that makes this game suitable for filling your free time.

You can also build tofu factories, train stations, banks, workshops and other facilities to make you a successful trader.

Choices: Stories You Play

This game has 10 million downloaders. This game is suitable for you fans of drama with the storyline according to your wishes.

The choice of stories is always updated so many choices of stories will be chosen. The genre in this game starts from fantasy, mystery to romance. Each narration will be adjusted according to the chosen answer.

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