5 Main Reasons Why Among Us Can Beat the Popularity of Fall Guys Quickly

Recently, streamers and gamers around the world have been getting hype with the ‘friendship breaker’ game , Among Us. Even though it has been released for a long time, for some reason this game suddenly managed to beat the popularity of Fall Guys in just a few weeks.

I wonder why Among Us can be the most popular game to date that can even beat Fall Guys ? So instead of you being curious, let’s just look at the reasons below!

1. Cross Platform

among us game is Cross Platform

The first reason why Among Us can be one of the most popular games to date is because this game has a cross platform feature . So players who are on mobile and on PC can still play together.

Of course this will be advantageous for some players because not everyone has a PC to play this game, and those who don’t have a PC can still play this game through their favorite cellphone .

2. Free for Mobile Version

among us game is Free for Mobile Version

The next reason why this game can be so popular is because this game is free for the mobile version even though there are advertisements that they have to watch every time they finish a game.

Because it’s free, of course everyone can play this game without having to think about the cost of buying the game. However, Among Us is only free for the mobile version . For those who want to play it on PC, they still have to spend some money to be able to play Among us.

3. Even though you have to buy, the price is more affordable

among us game is price is more affordable

As already written in the second point, for PC users, they have to buy this game to be able to play. Even though you have to buy, the price is not as expensive as Fall Guys.

4. Have Simpler Gameplay

among us game Have Simpler Gameplay

Fall Guys does have a fun and tense gameplay , but Among Us has a simpler gameplay . Because all you need to do is complete the task and look for an impostor if you become a Crewmate.

If you get the role of Impostor, then all you need to do is sabotage and kill the Crewmates.

5. Very Fun When Played With Friends

among us game is Very Fun

Whatever the type of game, the game will be very exciting if played with friends. Including Among Us, this game will be even more fun and thrilling if you play with close friends or your friends.

If you speak the wrong way, your friendship could be broken in just a few seconds. However, because of the fuss that you have made in Among Us, it could be that it will actually strengthen your relationship with friends who play together.

So, those are the five reasons why Among Us can quickly beat the popularity of Fall Guys. What do you think guys , do you agree with the reasons above? Try writing your response in the comments column!

If you prefer Among Us or Fall Guys ? Also try writing in the comments column along with the reasons.

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