5 of the best and most disastrous Free Fire Weapons for Short Range August 2020

When entering the battlefield, of course we need some powerful weapons to stop the opponent’s ferocity. There are several types of weapons, each of which has advantages in terms of distance, for example, for short, medium, to long distances.

On this occasion, we want to give you the five best Free Fire weapons that you can use to finish off enemies at close range. Are you curious? Come on, see below.

1. M1014


Free Fire weapon that you can use to finish off enemies at close range is M1014 . This weapon known as Shotgun is very dangerous when used at close range. Having 6 bullets in one magazine , you can maximize his ability while inside the building.

Unfortunately this weapon has a weakness, namely the relatively long reloading time. Oh yeah, this weapon also doesn’t have attachments , so you can use it immediately when it’s found (doesn’t depend on attachments ).

2. Groza


Indeed, this weapon is known to be very deadly, whether it is played in Free Fire or other battle royale games. The problem is this Free Fire weapon is an Assault Rifle that uses 7.62 bullets, but has a high rate of fire .

Even though the recoil is a bit messy, it’s quite easy to use this weapon if you aim at the opponent’s body. If you are good at using this weapon, you can finish off your opponent in an instant – especially when used at close range. You should be careful if your opponent has used Groza.

3. MP40


The next Free Fire weapon that you can rely on in close combat, namely MP40 . This weapon has the highest fire rate of all weapons in Free Fire . When talking about the release date, the MP40 has actually been around for a long time, namely in May 2018.

Apart from being categorized as the best short-range Free Fire weapon , the MP40 also deserves to be nominated as the best weapon in the battle royale game made by Garena because of its above average ability.

4. SPAS12


SPAS12 is the next Free Fire weapon which is also suitable for you to use at close range. This shotgun is indeed very deadly if you are good at using it.

A firearm produced by the Italian company Franchi, SPAS12 is a weapon that is often used by many militaries and police around the world. This weapon has also been featured in many TV shows and video games, including Free Fire.

With a damage statistic of 97, SPAS12 can finish you off in one or two shots! Make sure to keep your distance if your opponent is already using this one weapon.

5. Thompson

The last best Free Fire weapon for melee is Thompson . Although classified as a new weapon, Thompson is alleged to be able to replace the MP40 when used at close range.

Speaking of his abilities, Thompson has accuracy and a high fire rate. This advantage makes it a monster when used by rusher or characters with super high speed like Kelly.

Those are the five Free Fire weapons that you can use for close combat. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts so you don’t miss any important and interesting information about Free Fire every day.

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