5 Strongest Wild Rift Champions to Rank in Closed Beta, Need to Get Nerfed!

Wild Rift’s closed beta release was greeted with great fanfare. As for the closed beta period , there are already several strong Champions that you can try to play ranked .

Of the many Champions that have been released, it turns out that there are five of the strongest ones – you can say that if you use these Champions you will get a win guarantee in the late game. Who are they? Here are the five strongest Wild Rift Champions for main ranked.

5. Blitzcrank



Unlike the PC version which did not have a significant impact on the team, Blitzcrank on mobile was very strong. Because you have ‘ auto aim ‘ control at your opponent, you don’t need to point his hook (unless you really want to make a predictive move). The animation that is displayed is also very fast, so it is quite difficult to avoid his hook .

This Wild Rift Champion also has an unnatural (very strong) endurance. Even if you use a Champion type fighter with high attack power like Tryndamere or Camille, Blitzcrank is still difficult to take down. The ability to survive in this battlefield is also thanks to his passive brave called Mana Barrier.

4. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol

Even though Aurelion Sol on PC is not popular, but on mobile he becomes a very terrible mage . With his passive assistance called the Center of the Universe, it’s hard for Champion fighter types to get in to kill him. He also has annoying stun abilities through Starsurge (1) and Voice of Light ( Ultimate ).

Speaking of his role , he plays in the mid lane with good rotation skills thanks to Comet of Legend (3) (allowing him to fly to certain locations). Aurelion Sol is also quite loud on mobile , so it can sustain a long time in team fight .

3. Master Yi

Master Yi

The third strongest Wild Rift Champion to rank was Master Yi. This assassin is a player favorite, both on the PC and mobile League . His ability to finish off opponents cannot be underestimated. By relying on attack speed and lifesteal , Yi is very difficult to stop. Moreover, he has a skill called Alpha Strike which can avoid all kinds of opponent skills .

For the beginning of the game, Master Yi was not that terrible. However, he can become a monster when he enters the late game. So, don’t let your game touch 15 minutes if your opponent has Master Yi.

2. Vayne


As a marksman known as AD carry , of course Vayne’s role is to carry the team to achieve victory. However, this ability exceeded expectations. Because it plays with analogue, it’s very easy to control Vayne on mobile .

Unlike the PC, which forces gamers to be nimble, on mobile Vayne users are very spoiled. Not to mention that he has the Final Hour ( Ultimate ) skill which can make him disappear when combined with the Trumble (1) skill (Vayne dashes in the specified direction).

1. Jinx


Still in the same role , Jinx also had to get a nerf when it was released. Based on the writer’s experience of playing ranked , Jinx is too strong. From the resulting attack speed and damage , you could say Jinx is the perfect Wild Rift Champion .

If it is combined with support that has good macros , then you can no longer stop Jinx – even if you use a late game Champion type like Nasus.

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