5 Types of Gamers in the World, Which One Are You?

As the development of the gaming industry, gamers also appear. This game enthusiast is no longer limited to male stereotypes, but also women. Lenovo as a company engaged in the field of intelligent devices also tried to map the character of gamers for PC gaming through a research.

Types of Gamers

The research titled Next Gen Gamers: Beyond The Stereotype was conducted in a number of countries in America, Europe and Asia Pacific involving thousands of respondents. The method used in this research is in the form of focus group discussions (FGD).

First, the hardcore type , that is gamers who have been playing games for more than 10 years and play games because of passion. His age tends to be young and focused on playing games with multiplayers. They play games to find entertainment.

Second, the avid type, ie gamers who play for nine years or more. Hardly similar to the hardcore type, avid gamers often play alone and enjoy streaming game shows. They also don’t pay much attention to graphic quality.

Third, the type of moderate, ie gamers who have played the game for more or less for 15 years. Older than the two previous types. They like to play games, but they don’t like watching online streaming.

Fourth, the casual type, ie gamers who have been playing games for approximately 16 years. They tend to choose a single player game and play when they have free time.

Fifth, casual customizers, where gamers have been playing games for more than 24 years. Relatively few games when compared to the four previous types. Most of them also have PC gaming and understand the latest components or how to build a PC.

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