5 Types of Lag in Online Games & Causes and Solutions

When playing online games, lag becomes one of the biggest enemies of a gamers. When engrossed in playing games but suddenly the PC or laptop does not function properly so that it can result in defeat and other losses when playing games. Before we enter the language of the types and causes of lag in online games, let us first understand the meaning.

Lag in online games is a condition where the movements that exist in the game timing do not match the execution carried out. As a result there are pauses that can cause various losses for gamers. But the lag that is often found in this online game actually has a cause and you can anticipate it before it happens. The following is an explanation of the 5 types and causes of lag in online games and how to solve them.

Ping Lag

Ping Lag

Ping is a term in the internet connection that describes how fast the response back and forth between players and the game server being played. The unit that is often used to measure ping is the milisecond (ms) and the smaller the ping number, the more comfortable it will be when playing. This ping occurs when the ping latency value is above 100 ms.

Characteristics of ping or lag in online games such as your character keeps moving normally, but your character looks like a road in a place or spinning in the same place. The reason for the increased ping can be due to problems on the game server, ISP or modem that you are using or it could also be due to software on a PC or laptop that is being updated automatically.

Bandwidth Lag

Bandwidth Lag

Bandwidth is also part of an internet connection that often causes lag when playing online games. Generally online games use less bandwidth when playing, but if the bandwidth is too small it can make the ping rise suddenly and make the game feel longer than it should. The size of this bandwidth depends on the internet provider used and will get smaller when you do multitasking while playing games, for example while downloading large files.

Visual Lag

Visual Lag in Online Games

Lag which is also known by the name of this graph lag can occur if the specifications of cheap PC gaming that you have are not high enough to play a heavy game. The most influential PC component and accommodating heavy loads when playing games is a graphics card or VGA card.

The characteristics of this lag is the game that feels heavy and also slow when played. The solution, you can overlock VGA and if it doesn’t work, you can also replace your VGA card with a higher quality or buy the best gaming PC to get a better and smoother gaming experience.

Server Lag

Server Lag

The game server that is played can also be one of the causes of lag when playing online games. No matter how fast your internet connection or how good the best gaming laptop you have, will not be useful if the game server has a problem. This is generally common in newly released games, but large PUBG class games have also recently been reportedly experiencing server disruptions that have sparked protests among gamers.

There is no solution you can do for this type of lag, because the source of the lag is from the game server that is beyond the reach of gamers. The best way is to wait for news from the game developer when the server returns to normal and then continue to play again, the point is do not force playing if lag!


Lag in Online Games

This lag is due to the large amount of cheap gaming laptop RAM you have that is still below standard even though the VGA card is the best, but if your RAM is only 1 GB there is a possibility of lag when playing games with high graphics such as MMORPG types. The best way to overcome this type of lag is to upgrade your PC or laptop RAM to a higher capacity, for example 4-8 GB.

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