6 Cool Easter Eggs You Can Find in Ghost of Tsushima

It has been almost a month since the Ghost of Tsushima game was released exclusively for PlayStation 4. During that time, many gamers have managed to get the Platinum Trophy and finish the game made by Sucker Punch.

Like other games, Ghost of Tsushima also has an easter egg that gamers can find when playing it. So curious about what are these Easter eggs? Come on, look at the following together, guys.

1. Origami Game Eksklusif PlayStation

Origami Game

To find this easter egg, you must first complete the main story in Ghost of Tsushima. After that, you can return to controlling Jin to return to his house. You can go to a short table where several swords are placed.

Apart from swords, there are also some origami or paper folding works, each of which represents games belonging to the Sony PlayStation. The following is a list of origami:

  • A red car, representing the Grand Turismmo Sport ;
  • A giraffe with a curved head, representing Horizon Zero Dawn ;
  • Ratchet head, representing Ratchet & Clank ;
  • A motorbike belonging to Deacon, representing Days Gone ;
  • Colossus Gaius, merepresentasikan Shadow of the Colossus;
  • A guitar, representing The Last of Us Part 2 ;
  • A Leviathan ax, representing God of War ;
  • Logo London Studio, studio dibalik Blood & Truth;
  • Logo Kojima Production, studio dibalik Death Stranding ;
  • A brush, representing Conrete Genie ;
  • A bat and a baseball, representing MLB The Show ;
  • An eye glass, to represent

2. Sword Kit Reference Sly Cooper

Sword Kit

Next, you can find a Sword Kit item that comes from the Sly Cooper game reference. You can find the Sword Kit called Sly Tanuki in Act 3, which is on Izuhara Island, located near the northwestern edge, or to be precise in one of the pillars called Pillar of Honor.

There you can find a Sword Kit named Sly Tanuki which has a shape like the tail of the character Sly Cooper.

So Sly Cooper itself is one of the games that was developed by the developer Sucker Punch. Where the game has also been released for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita consoles from 2002 to 2013.

3. The Sly Cooper Weapons Logo Head Bandana

Apart from the Sword Kit, you can also find a Vanity Gear item in the form of a bandana with the Sly Cooper weapon logo , called the Crooked Kama headband. To find it, you have to go to the top of the pagoda in the Jogaku temple, where you can only access it when you reach Act 3.

While at the top, you can see the head bandana hanging from an arrow. The head bandana is blue with a hint of white and features the yellow Sly Cooper weapon logo .

4. Cosplay to be Sly Cooper

cosplay Sly Cooper

If you’ve found the two Easter eggs from Sly Cooper earlier, then you can also do Sly Cooper- style cosplay to get an exclusive trophy, you know. You have to use the head bandana and Sword Kit Sly Tanuki, Gosaku armor with Ocean Guardian colors. After using these three items, you will automatically get the exclusive trophy.

5. The Infamous Second Son Reference Bandana

Infamous Second Son

Besides Sly Cooper, Infamous Second Son is also one of the games made by Sucker Punch. You can also find other Vanity Gear items in the form of a bandana that looks like Delsin Rowe’s beanie hat in Infamous Secon Son .

6. Small Animals Will Appear When Giving Respect

Small Animals Will Appear

When you find Sword Kits or other items in the Pillar of Honor in several places, you can also see how some animals such as crabs, fish, fireflies, and frogs can appear suddenly after you pay your respects in front of the pillar.

Perhaps the appearance of these animals was the reincarnation of humans who had been killed around the pillar. So they appeared simultaneously after Jin paid their respects for the last time.

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