6 Essential Clash Of Clans TH9 Attack Strategy That You Need To Know

Today we’re gonna go through the essential clash of clans th9 attack strategy that town online should know or especially if you’re in new town hall 9 or an attacker that doesn’t really have much of a variety of attack strategies that they can use to three-star.

clash of clans th9 attack strategy

Let’s go ahead with the first attack strategy stay tuned because it’s gonna be awesome so the first attack that I want to show you guys is the Goho so this is the strongest attack strategy before the bolars came out and it’s pretty simple to use.

we have two users golems few wizards and some heroes at the start with the with the kill squad the kill squads essentially those troops and the Valkyries come in as well so the Valkyries is the last bit of the kill squad that you need jump spells are uniquely essential to get jump spells for this attack strategy for the Valkyries get to the core as soon as possible that’s where the heavy hitting Expos are and you want to knock them out as well and lower the clan castle so the kill squad needs to get the archer Queen as well.

so the three things that you need to do is kill the current clan castle archer queen and get those hog riders in surgically or trickle them in like so and you need hill spells for this to keep those hog riders alive especially in high density defense areas and also Giant Bomb possibilities and the bomb tower destruction damage so those those things that you need to do and what Chapel gabacho is really strong and then you can go out and branch out to different variants and add bowlers in the clan castle.

once you get bowlers in your plan or someone’s able to donate them and that can make the attack strategy a stronger as well and you can use go volley if you have four air defenses centralized in the middle you replace the hog riders with loons instead.

so there we go there’s a go of Ohio tech stranger essential need to know if you’re a townhall 9 okay so the second need-to-know clash of clans th9 attack strategy is a go host so the Goho is quite a simple classic attack strategy and you’ll want to be using this because when you go into town online you’ll probably have like level 4 golems you’ll probably have level 4 hog riders and nothing really much else because the Pekka is not really relevant in the Town Hall 9 region at this stage.

so your golem and your hog riders are probably the most effective leveled troops coming into town online so this is an essential attack strategy to loan so the Goho is pretty simple same as a go vaho golem has to go in and funneled by the Wizards and gotta get some jump spells as well to get into the core and get the arch Queen on the defense and the clan castle troops the wood as well and that’s pretty much for that’s pretty much the prerequisites for the the goho you need to kill off the archer queen and the clan castle troops and here’s a couple of loons here don’t really need the loons I think just saw the opportunity with a bomb tower they’re on the edge.

so instead of a couple of hog riders use the loons instead so imagine that loons weren’t there you could use hog riders that’s all good to knock out that bomb tower and now we’re going to have some hog riders surgically deploy so what I mean by seriously deployed you can deploy hog riders a few hog riders at a time two or three hog riders at each defense or on the outside and then you can go anti-clockwise or clockwise depending on how advantageous it is to go by the side and you’ve got some heal spells that well so you’re gonna keep them out of the spaces

so the spaces is probably where the bombs are gonna be especially if it’s the first hit and as you can see there’s two wish tales left he’s gonna put a pre empted he’ll just because there’s two giant bombs that just went off and there was a space for it and there we go those hog riders would have been bacon if the heal spell wasn’t put down there

so it’s a classic attack it is possible to in this meta to still use a classic doho and you can use two different variants later on Ike you go home or a cue go hobo that’s just a fundamental base of the go home attack there we go that’s the second attack strategy the third attack strategies that go weibo and this is an attack strategy that doesn’t really require much planning

so it’s pretty much golems 3 golems you’ve got one golem around the outside on each side and one going down the center with some wall breakers some witches and some heroes as well so the bowlers also come out from the clan castle and the ball is main job is to get into the center sometimes the funnel isn’t the best so they go around the outside but in this case there’s a few balls that actually did its job and are going in the middle to help out with the court

so the heroes and the bowlers and the golems are supposed to go into the core with a few witches and the remaining which is a supposed to go around the outside with their golem as well sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan but the golems sometimes go around the outside or it’s just it just depends on the how big the funnel is remember bowlers are really really sensitive when it comes to funnels

so they’d really need a wide funnel so they don’t deviate around the outside so there we go we’ve got the two jump spells in it’s really good to tab to jump spells especially for the core and then we’re gonna have bowlers going around the outside now so as you can see the the northern witches didn’t really work out with their golem but there’s enough troops here and the archer Queen still had the royal cloak in the center to knock out the rest base but the other side had heaps heaps of troops left we have bowlers witches we got a bunch of them left and this coin is going to obliterate as soon as they get over there not just fastball there’s some second bowlers pretty much thank you for the witches there and the arch Queen is fighting against the wall like usual but here we go we’re gonna three-star the rest of the base there’s not many defenses left Archer Queen’s gonna assist the remaining troops and there we have a good that’s the third attack strategy I want to show you guys pretty easy to use just 3 golems and just just do it

so the next attack strategy is the witch lap is kinda same as the the go we bow but a little bit different you’re looking for bases that don’t have the air defenses close to the edge that aren’t accessible so in this case there’s one air defense on the edge but that’s easy to get to and you can shoot them down so you really got to figure out where the air defenses are and make sure you can’t let them use kind of target the healers that’s what I was trying to say

so the healers are essential for the outside so they’re pretty much you can use a golem as well in this case there was a golem used and a lot of players have reported a golem being used in the witch lab is a lot more successful than they go on so I believe it you do I feel like the heroes eventually die off if they don’t have the golem tanking especially for that initial firepower where there’s heaps and defense is still up and but a lot of players still use without a golem that just add more bowls

so that’s that’s pretty good at extra edge right there which lap we’ve got witches on the outside there and we’ve got the king trying to get through to that air defense and the pretty much meet the heroes all the way to the other side and that’s how you got that slap you know you they just meet in the middle and it’s pretty easy to pretty easy to use not much planning involved except looking out for where the air defenses are and making sure they don’t reach the healers or at least be accessible to knock them out straight away

so there we go that’s the another session attack strategy that’s really good for three-star and let’s go on to the next one now right the text Reggie is the lavaloon attack strategy so this is a quad lavaloon and this attack strategy is really good for if you have low heroes as you can see spike has really low Heroes level eight and level seven so you probably want to have these this attack strategy if you’re if you’re that low level especially if you Newtown online the thing you have to do with us tax Reggie is is you gotta lure the clan castle troops out because you don’t know what’s in there it could be baby dragons could be a dragon or some sort and you want to kill them off as soon as possible

because they can they can run around and shoot down your lava hounds and your loons in air and they can’t really fight back because their lava hounds are loons they can only drop stuff on the ground as you can see lava hounds on each air defense there and the good thing about this base is their defenses aren’t too deep and the loons come in from behind backed up with some hey spells and rage spells that’s awesome

so pay attention to the arch Queen you can knock her out with putting a skeleton spell over her so she’s distracted and letting the lava pups or the lone splash damage to kill her off and the good thing about that is you need to find bases that have arch Queen close by to air defenses because you know we’re going to go over there with the lava hound at least and the lava pups kill them off but the archer Queen can be distracted with the skeleton spell I always wondered what could we do with the skeleton spell and finally someone had some good use to them by distracting the heroes

so there we go there’s a lull in tech strategy the quad lavaloon there and awesome attack by spike or great for Heroes with low level and that’s another central tunnel not attack strategy that you need to know and the last attack strategy is the go bow lalo

so the go barolo is this strongest attack strategy hands down because it’s also reliable once you know how to use it if you don’t know how to use it and you haven’t practiced it it’s going to be a hard strategy to do the essential things you need to do is to get rid of the arch Queen the clan castle troops and at least two air defenses before the lavaloon compare the rate and that’s what I kind of taught you in the last raid is headed to the a balloon and now you can kind of incorporate it with the gobo Lalo right now which is as the gobo lalu

so the gobo is pretty much the kill squad it kills off those prerequisites and the live loon is the back end as you can see our screens down clan castles down and the last air defense which is the second and defense to go down is the prerequisite of the larva loons coming in that’s the last air defense and now the backend lavaloon can actually finish off the base now more successful you.

I have seen only one air defense go down but more successful if as many air defenses air sweepers are down because they’re not battling the air so love hands are going in now with the hey spells and good to have hey spells I’m really glad they put in a buckle expel dark elixir spot dark spells

so it’s really helpful if you don’t have enough room for a rage spell and there we go this is essentially one lava hound tanking now and that’s not even pop you can tell when a tax strategies really strong is when one of the lava hounds isn’t even popped yet and it’s a very dominating attack if you know how to use it so hope you guys enjoyed those six essential clash of clans th9 attack strategy. let me know in the comments below which ones do you actually use or which ones you are you waiting to use but just don’t have the required level or you don’t have those troops yet.

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