7 Best Android Game Booster in 2021, Guaranteed Anti Lag!

The experience of playing online games mostly depends on the quality of a capable smartphone device, but if the performance of your cellphone is low, you can still try a few tricks to improve the game’s performance of your device. After yesterday, we informed the choice of game booster for PC , this time we will discuss about other best applications on Android.

best android Game Booster

Game booster used for Android itself serves as a booster and enhances the gaming experience for users. There are many paid and free booster apps available in the market, which you can easily choose for your Android smartphone. The following is a list of the best recommended game booster applications for Android smartphones in 2021.

1.Play Games Faster & Smoother

Let’s start this list with a really awesome game booster. This app has the potential to increase your game performance by up to 200%. This is a “ monster ” app that will unleash the real power of your Android device and will help in optimizing your gadget to get top-notch background services while playing games.

We can use this app to optimize memory of game apps too. This app is designed to work with both non-rooted and rooted phones but when you use it with a rooted phone then you can use the maximum speed of your phone.

You can play games without any distractions with this app, and can easily make high benchmark scores. Download the Play Games Faster & Smoother application here .

2.Game Launcher for Game Addicted

A game booster must have the power to kill all applications running in the background and scan to improve the best performance of the android you have, and all these features are available in this application.

With the Game Launcher for Game Addicted application, you will get a ‘ do not disturb ‘ feature which is quite extraordinary to enjoy your gaming experience without any distractions.

By activating this feature, you will not receive any calls and notifications while playing games. The app also has a kid mode which means when you give your phone to a kid, he won’t be able to use the home button or anything else on your phone. This is an impressive app for gamers. Download the Game Launcher for Game Addicted application here .

3.Game Booster Perform-Max

Game Booster Perform-Max

If you are looking for a game booster that can do more than increase the speed of your android, then you can give this app a try. Because this application will control the response so you can play games without lag. You can start the game from within the Game Booster Perform-Max app to speed up the process.

This app will clear all the hoops like cache, background running apps and network activity to free up RAM. Using this app, you can run games at high speed, regardless of your hardware limitations. Download the Game Booster Perform-Max application here .

4.DU Speed ​​Booster

If you want high speed while playing the best online games , then you should try DU Speed ​​Booster app. This app has the potential to deep clean your Android device for high-quality performance and an enjoyable gaming experience.

This application can perform a full optimization of the smartphone and eliminate the problems that cause slow speed of your device. This app can give you an ideal gaming experience where you don’t have to worry about game crashes and screen blackouts. Download the DU Speed ​​Booster application here .

5.One Tap Advanced Speed ​​Booster

This is another high-powered booster app for smartphones in this list, which will offer you the best experience while playing android games offline or online. This app is not only designed to solve RAM related issues and lag issues as well.

This booster app will remove unnecessary apps and other features from your android memory to speed up the game. It is a complete optimization app which can automatically optimize CPU, RAM and other stuff to give you lightning speed. Download the One Tap Advanced Speed ​​Booster application here .

6.Game Booster Phone Cooler

Game Booster Phone Cooler

This list would not be complete without Game Booster: Phone Cooler. This game booster app optimizes RAM and is a complete tool for low RAM devices. It is a very functional app that can perform multiple functions with just one tap, and can easily clean junk from your android.

This app boosts your gaming speed by freeing up your device’s direct memory space while playing games. CPU Cooler is a very interesting feature of this app which cools down phone temperature and reduces CPU usage by stopping overheating apps with Space Cleaner & Memory Cleaner. Download the Phone Cooler application here .

7.Game Booster 2x Speed ​​for Games

Game Booster 2x Speed for Games

It is a powerful application to play your games with high performance experience. This speed booster will give you a double dose of speed. A seamless experience is offered by optimizing CPU, RAM and many other things automatically. It is a complete toolkit which has an app launcher and booster in it.

This app has one unique feature that you can use to set your favorite playing style for various games. Customization and settings can be done with a single tap on this app. Overall, this game booster app is very useful and easy to use for Android users.

You can’t really do much about your hardware issues, but by downloading a booster app for Android in 2021 from our list of recommendations above, you can take your best android gaming experience to another level.


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