7 Clash of Clans Tips Not Much Known By Many Players

On this occasion bestgamingnews.com would like to share some clash of clans tips that are generally not known by many Clash of Clans players, these tips will help you a lot in making a strong Village.

clash of clans tips


1. Do not Too Rush Upgrade Town Hall

This is the most common mistake, many Clash of Clans players who are in hurry to upgrade their Town Hall. Better yet, you upgrade the other components, such as Mortar, Archer Tower, to Gold Storage to the highest level in Town Hall.

Because if you push yourself to go to Town Hall higher but your defense is still lower level, then you will be very vulnerable, and with automatic base you will be meaningless. Clasher like this is widely referred to as Premature Player.

2. Save Gems, Do Not Use If Not Important

Gems you can use to do everything in Clash of Clans, from accelerating the production process to buying resources. However, do not be tempted to use Gems you have just because of the long duration.

That’s Clash of Clans, a game that is designed not to be played all day in a row, relax, find other activities to fill the spare time while waiting for the construction process is complete.

Gems Usage Suggestion:
The first focus of use of Gems collected is to buy Builders Hut. By adding Builders Hut, you can speed up the construction process on every building and weapon.

3. When You Are Attacked, Do not Straight Back

As Clasher, you must be smart in managing your strategy, first learn why the attacker chose you as a target. Pay attention to where the attack side begins and what Troops the attacker is using.


What are the attackers looking for? Town Hall or just Farming?
How many Troops are issued?
Where did the attack come from?
After you have analyzed these three things, make a conclusion about what you should do to your base formation, make repairs as soon as possible.

4. Shield Still Long? Do not attack

Once your base is attacked, you will automatically get a Shield, a defense that can not be attacked by other players within a certain time. Usually between 6 hours, 12 hours, and 16 hours, depending on how severe the damage caused.

Instead, use that safe time to optimize your construction and production, such as fixing the formation to upgrading weapons, such as Mortar, Bomb Canon, Archer Tower, or Wizard Tower.

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5. Learn To Make A Strong Base Formation

Different Town Hall differs from base formation, therefore, try to make a really strong base formation, avoid attacks from all directions, place valuable components like Town Hall, Gold Storage, and Elixir Storage in a safe place.

Sure, making a good and strong formation takes no time. But, the effect of your efforts will certainly produce maximum results on your Village.

6. Be Careful Of Cheats And Hacks, It’s FAKE!

There are so many out there people who create fake sites under the guise of free Gems or Loots to the Clasher. By offering Gold, Elixir, Dark Gold, and Gems for free and just enter the nominal desired.

In fact, behind it all there is a real lie. Usually, after a nominal charge, you will be asked to follow a survey that is arguably unclear, and the worse is your Clash of Clans account get banned.

7. Do not attack Origin, Learn How To Do It

A fatal mistake for the Clasher is to use improper Troops when attacked. For example by using Goblins when attacking a base that many reinforced by Mortar.

In fact, before the attack better determine which strategy will be used, which Troops you will use to survive, and which Troops you use to attack.

How do you think the clash of clans tips above? Interesting right? If you have other interesting tips, do not hesitate to share with other readers. Submit via comment below

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