7 Interesting Free Fire Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Mobile game lovers must never have heard of the Free Fire game. This Battle Royale game from Garena is very popular around the world. Come on, find out 7 facts about Free Fire that you may not know yet!

1. Developed by 111 Dots, Released by Garena

Developed by 111 Dots

Free Fire or what is also called Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds is a mobile Battle Royale game by a Vietnamese studio, 111 Dots. In its development, Free Fire was funded and released by Garena based in Singapore.

2. Release earlier than PUBG Mobile


Although the official release falls on September 30, 2017, the beta phase of Free Fire was already underway before that. That is why even though it was released in September, every year the Free Fire birthday celebration event always falls in August.

Indeed, Free Fire was released recently when compared to its competing games, where Free Fire was released half a year after PUBG and 2 months after Fortnite . On the other hand, Free Fire was released ahead of PUBG Mobile , where the competing game was launched in February 2018.

Shortly after its release, Free Fire has already received the attention of Battle Royale game lovers, especially those who use low-specification gadgets. Not a few players who previously wanted to try PUBG and Fortnite have instead switched to Free Fire because they didn’t have adequate devices.

3. 100 Million Active Players Per Day As of August 2020

100 Million Active Players

The next Free Fire facts are no less interesting. The development of Free Fire since its release in 2017 has been very rapid. Garena’s strategy of targeting players with low-spec gadgets has paid off.

Free Fire is the most downloaded mobile game in 2019, and has received other prestigious awards on the Google Play Store and App Store platforms . As of August 2020, Free Fire has recorded 100 million active players per day, an increase of 20 million when compared to the statistics for May 2020.

4. Very Popular in Brazil and Russia

Popular in Brazil and Russia

Free Fire is very popular in a number of countries in the world, especially in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia. Given that Garena is indeed based in Southeast Asia, it’s only natural that there are 3 Southeast Asian countries on this list, but what is most surprising is the popularity of Free Fire in Brazil and Russia.

Because of its popularity, the fact of Free Fire has made many Brazilian professional football organizations take part in Esports Free Fire, you know!

5. Forrest Li, an important figure behind the birth of Free Fire

Forrest Li

Forrest Li is one of the important figures behind the birth of the Free Fire game that we know today. Holding 45% of Garena’s shares, Li is the founder and owner of Garena, the company that houses Free Fire .

6. Using the Unity Engine

Using the Unity Engine

Free Fire was developed using the Unity Engine, a game engine that is also instrumental in making many popular mobile games such as COD Mobile, Mobius Final Fantasy, and League of Legends: Wild Rift .

Unity itself is known as an engine that promises good performance at the expense of its graphics. This is the reason why you can play Free Fire with a better frame rate than PUBG Mobile.

So that players can still enjoy the Free Fire game with high graphics, currently Garena is developing Free Fire Max , a Free Fire game that offers more sophisticated graphics.

7. Free Fire Earns Money in the Esports Sector in Thailand

In terms of income in the Esports sector, Thailand is still in the top position with income of more than $ 350 thousand, while Brazil follows in second place. This is because the communities of the two countries continue to aggressively hold third party tournaments even in the midst of a pandemic outbreak like now.

Those are 7 facts about Free Fire that you may not have known before. What other information do you want to know about Free Fire? Write your question in the comments below!

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