7 Latest Mobile Legends 2.0 Update at the End of 2019

After waiting long enough Moonton finally kept his promise by releasing an updated Mobile Legends (ML) to the latest version, 2.0. Obviously this is a year-end gift for one of the best -awaited online games . In addition to coinciding with the release of this new change, MLBB 2.0 also released its newest Wan Wan hero of the Marksman type and also a revamp of the hero Pharsa.

There are quite a lot of changes that you can find in this MLBB 2.0 update on the original server without you having to play it in advance server again. Curious as to what the changes are? Following are the changes that occurred in the latest Mobile Legends (ML) 2.0 update at the end of 2019.

1.Latest Mobile Legends Skin Update

mobile legends update

Every month Mobile Legends always presents some updated content like new heroes or skins. There are a few leaks regarding the latest Mobile Legends skin update that will be present in December 2019, and these skins are definitely not free ML skins guys. Some of them are:

Fanny – Lightborn Ranger
Harith – Lightborn Inspirer
Alucard – Lightborn Striker
Tigreal – Lightborn Defender
Granger – Lightborn Overrider
Terizla – Flare
Badang – Susanoo
Kaja – Skyblocker
Valir – Special Skin
X.Borg – Moto Drifter
Wanwan – Darting Star
Gord – No.1 Controller
Dyrroth – Scavenger Ruins
Claude – Christmas Carnival

Now if you want to top up ML ML now, in December 2019 this is the right time to buy cheap Mobile Legends skins for you commoners. While you who feel Sultan, and don’t know what money you want to do, you can see the most expensive collection of skins Mobile Legends (ML) version of bestgamingnews.com.

2.Unity 2017 Engine Update

Engine Unity 2017 is the biggest change that will be found in the MLBB 2.0 version. Even before watching the release of mobile legends 2.0 , Elgin Gaming gave a leak about the use of the 2017 Unity Engine. The use of this new engine gives a very different performance compared to before.

The loading process and graphics are the 2 things that get the biggest impact from using this latest engine. Faster loading and cleaner graphics used. After this latest 2.0 update, your favorite Mobile Legends (ML) game is no longer a dotted game, right?

3.High Performance and Fast Respond

High Performance and Fast Respond

Previously, many players complained about the slow response when moving the hero or releasing skills. The cause is indeed a number of things, but in this latest update Moonton has improved the quality of the response so that it provides higher performance, faster and smoother than before. Moonton claims there is a 60% increase in overall game performance.

4.Fix Lag Issue for MLBB 2.0

Fix Lag Issue

Lag becomes a major problem for players, even when the signal is in good condition many players who used to experience this problem. But now this problem has been handled well by providing more servers and collaborating with providers so that this lag issue can be further finalized.

From a number of surveys conducted by most players admitted that there has been a very good development of this lagging issue compared to before. For those of you who don’t know the type of lag in online games , you can read articles from bestgamingnews.com.

5.New MLBB 2.0 Animations

There is an animation update that is pretty cool for players who have not yet reached level 11, and for the first time you will get the latest slick animation when you first enter the Mobile Legends (ML) game. Then what about the old players who want to see it? Relax, you don’t need to repeat the game from the beginning and just watch the video above.

6.Smaller Memory Usage

Smaller Memory Usage

Memory is a problem that is often found in previous versions of Mobile Legends (ML) games. But in this latest update Moonton said that the memory usage will be smaller and will be more friendly to cell phones with lower specifications (read: potato phones) so that the playing experience will be better.

There is no difference too far from the side of the graph when playing on the cellphone potato , this is what makes the latest MLBB 2.0 update is very liked by the players (he said), then what about your own opinion?

7.Overall Quality Improvement

Overall Quality Improvement

Moonton has made various surveys related to design improvements to players throughout 2018 and 2019. Even in the latest MLBB 2.0 update, players will be able to activate the ultra mode so that the effects in the game such as the effects of water, bush, skill and many more again can become more alive.

That’s the latest Mobile Legends (ML) 2.0 update presented by Moonton as a developer to improve the playing experience. Moonton also promised to continue to make improvements in order to improve game performance so that players can play better than before.

Have you tried this new update? Which one do you like, the old version of Mobile Legends (ML) or even the latest version of MLBB 2.0? Give your opinion! Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games and gadgets only in bestgamingnews.com.

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