8 Tips for Good at Playing as Impostors in Among Us

Unexpectedly, Among Us exploded in popularity and became one of the multiplayer games with the highest number of players today.

Developed by a developer with a team of three, namely InnerSloth, Among Us is a game with simple gameplay , where a large group (known as a Crewmate) consisting of 4-10 players must complete tasks, while a small group of 1-3 players – called Impostor, trying to get rid of them.

So, if you play this exciting multiplayer game and often become an impostor, here are some tips and how to become an impostor for you to learn and try. Check it out !

1. Create an alibi

Create an alibi

Crewmate will always be suspicious of other players at the beginning of the game. And as the game progresses, players who defend are likely to have more confidence in those who are around them a lot. It is important to be patient as an impostor.

It might be tempting to kill another Crewmate right away, but it’s also important to always play the role of a Crewmate. Often being around one of the last two Crewmates at different times, can give you an alibi and may help you during discussions.

2. Pay attention to the taskbar

Pay attention to the taskbar

Running around the map and examining each of the Crewmates would raise too much suspicion. It’s important to stay around other players, but pretending to do your job is key to tricking Crewmate. The taskbar at the top left corner of the screen will fill up little by little as Crewmate finishes the task.

Although it was impossible for Impostor to do that task, faking it was possible. Simply go to the taskbar, stop there as if you were completing a task, then leave when the taskbar fills up.

3. Self-report


This is a risky act, but self-reporting can be a useful ‘tool’, though not something Impostors should do. Just like Crewmate, Impostor can also report corpses when they see them. There are several reasons why you should try this method.

Depending on how you react to the discussion, this can be a great way to get rid of an innocent Crewmate. However, it is a good idea not to report yourself multiple times to avoid suspicion.

4. Take a passive approach to the discussion

Take a passive approach

There are a number of ways for Impostor to stay in the moment of discussion, but one of the most efficient ways is to let the other players talk. Of course, a passive approach like this cannot be applied when you are being accused.

But if you are not in that position, wait and see which Crewmate many other players suspect, then come along as if you agree with that. However, it’s also worth noting if you don’t get too aggressive, because that will likely make you more suspicious.

5. Be careful with the camera

Be careful with the camera

Each map in Among Us is equipped with cameras placed in various locations, with a security room as a place where all players can access it. While Impostors can use this to get the location of their prey, Crewmates can also take advantage of this to ‘peek’ into Impostor’s actions.

Therefore, always be careful with the camera when finishing off another Crewmate. The easy way is, if the light on the camera does not turn on, it means you are not being watched by other players.

6. Always use ventilation

Always use ventilation

Hiding in a vent is something only Impostors can do, so just like anything with Impostor it’s a bit of a risk. However, that risk can be avoided as long as players are smart in determining when the time is right and where they should hide.

This method can quickly ‘keep’ you from the Crewmate that you kill and also, so it’s an effective way to finish off an isolated Crewmate. So, always use ventilation to support your evil actions, but still be careful.

7. Take advantage of blackout situations

blackout situations

Creating chaos in Among Us is one of Impostor’s best ways to achieve victory. While there are many ways to do this, one of the most efficient is to cut off the power.

In this condition, Crewmate will only have limited vision, while Impostor will be able to see everything normally. It’s ideal for Impostor to finish off a Crewmate without needing to go to a deserted place, and find the perfect way to eliminate Crewmate in the midst of chaos.

8. Do not get too excited when voting

Do not get too excited when voting

With information about who votes who can be seen during discussions, it is important to pay attention to what other players are saying and to know who they suspect. A more conservative player may miss a vote if there is little evidence or information.

So, it is best to follow what the players are doing in this situation. Also, getting too excited about voting with little evidence can also put you under a lot of scrutiny from other players who start to suspect you.

That was a little review about tips for good at playing as Impostors in Among Us. For those of you who are interested in playing this exciting and thrilling multiplayer game , you can enjoy it on iOS, Android and PC (via Steam).

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