Available on Android and IOS, Angel Squad Mobile is Officially Launched

LYTOGAME presents their newest mobile game with Shooter-RPG genre with Anime style in its character artwork. After a long wait since it was first announced on Lytogame social media, Angel Squad Mobile is now available for download and play via Google Play and the App Store. !

Angel Squad Mobile

Angel Squad itself will provide strategic freedom and determine formations in war, thus making it a shooting game that must be played in the middle of this year.

Players will be greeted by a pink-haired girl, a leader of the Argent Wing armed with a long-barreled rifle (Assault Rifle) namely M16A4, along with other beautiful girls such as long-range weapon users (Sniper) namely TAC-50, and girls who use handheld weapons (Pistols). ) i.e. CZ75.

In addition to these characters, players can get other beautiful girls by summoning or getting them by completing the main story.

Get to know the Angel Squad Game Features!

1. Weapons and Skills

Choose your favorite Angels to battle an army of aliens, mutants and robots in a unique and unexpected storyline. Each Angel is given a code name according to the weapon they use, they are divided into 5 classes of weapons:

• Assault Rifle: Very deadly with high DMG Output, very suitable for long and medium range operations
• Sniper: Can attack precisely from a distance with strength large
• SMG: Fast ASPD, high Fire Rate, very suitable for attacking in close quarters
• Shotgun: Very powerful with a large attack area, suitable for close combat
• Pistol: Despite its short attack range, its attack speed makes up for this shortcoming. It is suitable for close combat and support roles.

2. Famous Voice Actors

Not only pampered with a slick visual appearance, players can also enjoy cute voices from high-end seiyuu who are familiar to Anime lovers.

3. Dating

Invite your favorite Angel on a date in a romantic place, there are many places that players can choose for a date such as Amusement Parks, Flower Shops, Parks, Shopping Centers, Cafes, and Bars.

4. Skill Upgrade & Skin Collection

Increase the strength of your Angels, upgrade their skills so that Angels are even more IMBA! The skills of the Angels are very diverse and certainly useful in battle, some can give Burst Damage, issue additional tools, barriers, and many other skills.

In addition, players can also collect beautiful skins to make your Angel appearance more attractive. This outfit and skin also provides special visual effects when your Angel releases his skills on the battlefield.

5. Dormitory

Players can redecorate Angel’s room with a variety of furniture and room accessories to make it look comfortable and artistic. The better the room, the higher the resting Favorability Angel.

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