Best COC Th9 Farming Base with Bomb Tower

Resources like Gold and Elixir are pretty easy to get but more difficult to maintain. There is no structure that can guarantee the level of effectiveness of a base unless you have reached TH level 11 in League Lace like Sillver League III, you may be less vulnerable to attack. What about TH 9 defense?

th9 farming base

Recently Supercell added a new defensive unit (Bomb Tower) to add a defense level to base structures TH 8, 9, 10 and TH level 11. Bomb Tower is currently available up to level 3 for TH 9 which has 35.2 damage in each blow bomb. He was slow enough to spend 1260 hitpoints from 1 Giant level 8.

Because of his splash ability if coupled with the Tower Wizard added to Mortar’s range, we are confident the combination of these three defensive structures can handle the Giant Giant bulbs quickly. So it all depends on how you design your best TH 9 base order especially when you’re farming.

Best COC Th9 Farming Base with Bomb Tower

You need instinct to combine every building for both defensive buildings and resource buildings to minimize the loss of Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir.

For that I really strongly advise you to know and know the ability of each unit (buildings, troops and spells) so that you know where the right position to lay the building to fight the enemy troops and it will clearly differ between War type and base type of Farming.

When doing Farming, you not only need base farming design but also need to analyze and test to determine which design you think is best. For example, if you are around the Gold League, your TH 9 will most likely receive attacks from Giant levels 7 and 8 where the attacker is a fellow TH 9 and TH higher.

It would be ineffective if you put the Giant Bomb in the back or side by side with Spring Traps that make the Giant enemy potentially grab the Bomb Giant then thrown by Spring Traps. The good strategy is to place the Bomb Giant after the Spring Traps to somehow it will plunge some Giant into the air and then blast by Bomb Giant.

I just gave you a few tips, but it seems that I have to make a separate article because it is not enough to discuss it here.

Latest COC Th9 Farming Base with Bomb Tower

Well, below has prepared some latest best coc TH 9 Clash Of Clans farming base design along with Bomb Tower which you can use for farming. Although not the strongest but may help you reduce the potential loss of many resources that you have collected. You can make minor changes to maximize defense.

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That’s the TH 9 COC Design Base Farming Update Bomb Tower Latest 2017 that we can inform. Always visit site to keep getting the latest COC base updates.

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