Best Yi Wild Rift Master Guide and Build, Chop Opponents with Katana!

Master Yi was one of the terrifying Wild Rift Champions. He is currently in tier S thanks to his unreasonable attack speed ability , especially during the late game. Talking about roles, Master Yi is usually used for jungling because he can sustain well in the forest thanks to a skill called Meditate (2).


So, so that you can get better at playing Master Yi Wild Rift , here is the guide and build that we’ve prepared.

1. Item Master Yi Wild Rift

Item Master Yi Wild Rift

[Blade of Ruined King]
The first item selection for Master Yi, you can buy the name Blade of the Ruined King. This item will give Master Yi additional status in the form of 30% attack speed and 30 attack damage . Blade of Ruined King is also quite suitable for Master Yi because it has a passive effect in the form of a 25% reduction in movement speed against opponents who are hit by 3 basic attacks from him.

[Ninja Tabi]
For shoes, Master Yi is advised to buy Ninja Tabi. This item will give Master Yi an additional 10 armor and block 10% damage from the opponent’s basic attack . It is very suitable for Master Yi, who is in charge of finishing off the opponent’s marksman while on a team fight .

[Phantom Dancer]
The next item you can carry the Phantom Dancer. Since Master Yi is a Champion type that goes straight to the marksman (ADC), it would be nice for you to prepare defensive items but with the addition of offensive status such as Phantom Dancer. This item will provide additional movement speed to Master Yi by 45% and a critical chance of 25%.

For passive matters, Phantom Dancer will give users a 240-590 shield lifeline (based on level) when their HP is below 35%.

[Infinity Edge]
However, Master Yi still needs attack damage even though attack speed and critical strike are his focus. Because of this, Infinity Edge is a very good choice as a core item .

These items will increase the damage critical strike you with additional status 60 attack damage and 25% critical strike chance . However, this item is quite expensive, so it will take some time to buy it.

To lead to the late game, you can rely on lifesteal to fight with your opponent. Now, for the recommended items , you can use Bloodthirster which is sold for 3400 gold . This item gives users 15% physical vamp with additional shield effects if you receive excess HP.

[Guardian Angel]
To make it even harder to kill, you can be on guard by buying Guardian Angel. This item allows you to get 40 armor and 45 attack damage with a passive resurrect effect .

You can come back to life with 50% HP and 30% basic mana recovery. However, this item has a long cooldown of 3 minutes. So it is more suitable to be purchased during the late game.

[Upgrade Ninja Tabi: Quicksilver Enchant]
Then for the shoe effect, you can buy Quicksilver Enchant. This item has an active effect that can eliminate all types of crowd control in an instant. Suitable for Master Yi who is prone to stun and root from opponent support .

2. Rune Master Yi Wild Rift

Rune Master Yi Wild Rift

As an assassin as well as a fighter, Master Yi needs strong damage in order to finish off opponents easily. Therefore, you can use Conqueror as the Rune of Master Yi. This passive can give Master Yi 2-6 bonus damage (based on level) and can be stacked 5 times – with a maximum of 10-30 attack damage (based on level).

For the Domination rune, you can use Triumph to give Master Yi 10% HP lost after successfully killing the opposing Champion. There is also another effect, namely giving an additional 3% damage to the opponent’s HP which is below 35%.

To be strong even in the early days , you can use Backbone for Master Yi. This rune gives him an additional bonus of 10 armor or magic resist (based on the lowest status you have)

To be faster in jungling and pushing , you can use Mastermind to give 10% bonus true damage to forest monsters and turrets . You will even receive 100 gold and 500 XP if you manage to get these two objectives ( assists still count).

3. Spell Master Yi Wild Rift

Spell Master Yi Wild Rift

Smite is used for Master Yi for his role as a jungler . Smite itself is useful for finishing off monster HP very quickly – making farming in the forest easier . There are two types for Smite:

Challenging Smite (reduces the damage of the opponent who attacks us);
Chilling Smite (gives a slow effect to moving opponents).
Flash is the spell of a million people. Almost all Champions will use this spell to chase or run away from opponents. However, the cooldown spell is quite long, which is 150 seconds.

4. Combo Skill Master Yi Wild Rift

Combo Skill Master Yi Wild Rift

Talking about the Master Yi combo, you only need to rely on his attack speed and timing from using Alpha Strike combined with the Highlander and Wuju Style:

Highlander (Ultimate) -> Wuju Style (3) -> Alpha Strike (1) -> Basic Attack -> Alpha Strike (1)

5. Tips Master Yi Wild Rift

Tips Master Yi Wild Rift

As a strong Champion thanks to attack speed , you can delay the game tempo to lead to the late game. The combination of attack speed and lifesteal will make it difficult for you to stop;
Always look at the opponent’s skill particles to avoid them with Alpha Strike (1);

When teamfight , you better wait for an initiator to enter first. Wait until all of your opponent’s skills run out so that no one can stop you with crowd control such as root and stun .

That’s the guide and build for Master Yi Wild Rift from us. Wait for information about other games and don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram for more interesting updates.

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