Beyond Pokemon Go, Among Us being Played by 500 million People a month

The popularity of the game Among Us is increasing amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This game made by Innersloth managed to break the record as a mobile game with the most active players in one month.

Among Us

Based on research from the SuperData Nielsen institution, Among Us was recorded as being played by 500 million players in November 2020. This number is higher than a number of other popular mobile games such as Pokemon Go and Candy Crash Saga.

This high number cannot be separated from the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes many people spend their time at home. One of the activities carried out is playing games, including Among Us. This figure is calculated based on the number of users who actively play Among Us on mobile and PC platforms .

However, the number of PC players only accounts for three percent of all active users among Us. This means that most of the Among Us players come from mobile devices. SuperData analyst, Carter Rogers, said that the second most popular game after Among Us only has 300 million active players each month.

Compiled from CNet, Friday (25/12/2020), Among Us also earned a fairly large monthly income, which is up to 11 billion US dollars during November 2020. Like most online games , Among Us also provides paid content.

The benefit gained from such content is the player can remove the ads and the presence of a pet (pet), which will accompany the player throughout the game. The Among Us game itself has actually been launched since last June 2018. However, in the last two years, this game has arguably not received much attention from the players.

The popularity of Among Us skyrocketed a few months ago due to the many Twitch streamers and gaming YouTubers who played Among Us on their respective channels.

Among Us can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store (Android) app store and the Apple App Store (iOS). Meanwhile, for the PC version, users have to pay 5 US dollars to download via Steam.


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