Bloodborne Game Launches to PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a game streaming service from Sony. This allows customers to pay for games for their consoles. The latest addition made by Sony through the Bloodborne game. This game is an RPG type game that is known to be very difficult, as reported by Ubergizmo.

Bloodborne Game

Bloodborne is a game from Dark Souls developer, Fromsoftware which has received various awards since its release in 2015. This game is now available for PlayStation Now customers.

Several game titles have also been added in PlayStation Now this month, such as Moto Racer 4, Project Cars, The Dwarves, Bard’s Gold and others. Reportedly, more than 10 new games were added to the PlayStation Now library this month.

At present, Sony allows non-customers to get a full month’s PlayStation Now service for USD9.99 or approximately Rp150 thousand.

PlayStation Plus members also get exclusive discounts on 3 months PS Now pass, where they can get a price of USD29.99 rather than USD44.99.


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