Build and Review the Latest Hero Harith Fashion Expert Skin in Mobile Legends Season 20

Still with the 515 eparty event, Moonton released a free skin for all active MLBB players, namely Harith – Fashion Expert. By only completing missions and spinning the spin wheel 10 times, you can get this skin. Moreover, Harith hero lovers will be very happy to see this gift. For those of you who have never seen this latest Harith free skin before, here’s what it looks like.

Harith Fashion Expert Skin

Very cool isn’t it? This skin is titled fashion expert which means fashion expert. Moonton wants to portray Harith as a fashion icon at the 515 eparty event.

With the appearance of clothing that completely purple, and white hair that originally changed to yellow will make Harith appearance as an expert in fashion. In the animated skin, Harith seems to be able to dance gracefully.


Skill Effect Change

We already know that each skin also has a change in the effect given to the hero’s skill. Significant changes are also seen when Harith uses this skin.

Skill 1 (Synchro Fission)

When skill 1 is launched, the change will appear at the time of its energy explosion. The skill explosion will be in the form of a collection of polygons that are put together to form a purple protective semicircle and then break.

Skill 2 (Chrono Dash)

Harith’s jump when using skill 2 changed like he was up the pitch and jumped in the intended direction.

Skill 3 (Age of Force)

The trajectory that Harith made turned into a luxurious platform for him to jump to and fro. With a colorful stage outline, Harith feels like dancing against the enemy there.

Tutorial How to Get Harith Skin – Fashion Expert

1.Login to Mobile Legends Game

The first thing you have to do, of course, is log into the Mobile Legends game first, bro . Don’t go to the Free Fire game, you won’t find the Harith skin event menu if that’s the case.

2.Click the event logo 515

This event logo is next to the yellow gift chest

3.Event menu 515

After pressing the event logo 515, you will be greeted with 3 iconic Heroes Brody, Selena and Chou with their newest skin STUN Choose the ‘Party Star (Free Skin) menu.

4.Spin Wheel Party Star

This is where you can get Harith’s skin for free. It is enough to collect Harith’s cat ears by completing the missions provided. Then with 4 Harith cat ears, you will be given the opportunity to spin the wheel 1x. Do 10 rounds to get the skin.

Harith Build Tutorial

Harith Build Tutorial

Harith is a hero that can be used on any line. He can be used as a support , offlaner , or Hyper Carry . However, without the addition of a blue Buff, Harith will find it difficult at the beginning of the game to become a hero that the enemy fears.

I will give a build that can cover the shortcomings in the early game. With only 3 items, Harith can already use all his skills to the maximum without the help of the blue buff.

The first mandatory item that you must buy is Magic Shoes. This item will give a 10% reduction in cooldown time on every Hero who uses it. Second, you have to buy a Calamity Reaper item for 1950 gold. Calamity Reaper will give 70 magic power, 100 mana, 6 mana regen. and 10% cooldown reduction.

This unique passive item is also very much needed by Harith because every day Harith issues a skill, there will be additional pure damage. The third, there is the Hero’s Ring item. This is the item recipe for making Oracle defense items. Hero’s Ring will give him additional HP and a 5% cooldown reduction. Harith really needs a cooldown to give combos to the opponent.

With the 3 initial items above plus a 5% cooldown reduction from the mage emblem, you’ve already gotten a 30% cooldown reduction for all Harith skills. And he will be able to cast all his combos without stopping.

Harith combo

Harith combo

When you want to use Harith in rank mode, make sure you understand and are fluent with the combos like in the video above. Use skill 1 to slow down the enemy, then use skill 2 to move forward and hit the opponent. Open the force era to give a slow effect again, use skill 1 + attack 1x only.

Then with the cooldown reduction effect in the ultimate , you will be able to use spam skill 2 towards your opponent without any cooldown time . The build that I provide will not affect the macro (finger speed) and micro (intuition) skills of the player.

You have to practice to use a hero and don’t expect to be able to use it right away. Take your time to be able to play in classic or custom mode. Invite by one friend to find out how far the development of skill macro you have.


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