Chess Rush: Review, Tips, Best Hero and Combo

Chess Rush may not be the first strategy or auto battler game on Android. However, its presence is able to heat up competition in this genre. Previously, Drodo Studio first released the game Auto Chess in May 2019.

Although the download number was not up to tens of millions, but this game was able to attract the attention of gamers who were getting bored with the MOBA game.

Chess Rush game tips

The following month, Valve Corporation released a game with the same theme, titled Dota Underlords. As if he didn’t want to miss the auto battler game trend, PUBG Mobile game developer, Tencent also helped tighten the competition by making a similar game called Chess Rush.

Thanks to the big name Tencent, the game that was released in July 2019 also began to be known to many people. In essence, Chess Rush is a turn based strategy game.

Although the download number is not as much as other similar games like Sand Balls, Aquapark io and Fun Race 3D, but the name of the game Chess Rush has been included in the Top 10 Top Free Games category on the Google Play Store. The following is our review of the game Chess Rush.

Chess Rush Game Review

Chess Rush Game Review

At a glance, this game does not differ much even somewhat similar to Auto Chess. Starting from the character development to the gameplay feels the same.

Imitation of the concept and the similarity of character development in the game being hit is not a new thing anymore. The main goal is of course to provide options or alternative other similar games for gamers.

However, here Tencent tries to provide something different from other auto battler games through the 50 hero characters shown. Starting from the Assassin hero, Engineer, Hunter, Punisher, Druid, Rider, Sorcerer, Warrior , and Warlock.

Chess Rush has 4 choices of modes consisting of Ranking, Casual, Basic, and Custom. Which in these 4 modes is divided into several ranking modes, namely:

  • Classic mode (2vs2)
  • Innovative turbo mode (10+ minutes)
  • Clash squad (4vs4) mode which requires 4 players to work together
  • Cooperative mode

In each game, you will join a team of eight players. Chess Rush also allows you to use co-op mode, where your team will fight enemy teams with the same number of members. So you need a strategy in playing this latest game.

For classic modes, the game will feel longer. Because you and each team member are given 100 blood points to compete. In order to win until the end of the game, it takes at least 30-40 minutes to reach the final round.

As for the turbo mode, each player will only be given 60 blood points. The number of points will make the game feel faster than the classic mode. Personally, Kabar Games itself does not feel so addicted in playing this one android game. But overall, the Chess Rush game feels fun to fill in spare time.

The advantages of Chess Rush Game

  • There are no annoying advertisements.
  • The game is not heavy to play.
  • Large selection of game modes.

Lack of Game Chess Rush

  • Mobile games that feel bland, make players quickly feel bored.
  • Absence of gatcha features .
  • Items are less influential in the game.

List of Best Heroes and Combos

List of Best Heroes and Combos

Do not know then do not love, that’s the saying. Well, for those of you who are exploring the game Chess Rush or just playing, you should know in advance the list of heroes and combos. By knowing the types of heroes in Chess Rush, surely you will master the game better.

List of Hero Chess Rush by Class

  1. Assassin Class : Bionic Ninja, Stinger, Sword Dancer, Horned Menace, Lilith, Siren, Venom.
  2. Class Engineer: Miss Supersonic, Steel Fist, Ground Smasher, Joey, Terminator.
  3. Hunter class: Stalker Drone S90, Forest’s Breath, Firefur, Famine, Kraken, Shakaraka.
  4. Punisher Class: Nightingale and The Devourer.
  5. Druid Class: Everbloom, Evergreen, Witch Doctor, Nightowl, Gurru.
  6. Class Rider: Unicorn Cavalier, Templar Knight, Dragoon, Hog Rider, Scourge.
  7. Sorcerer Class: Frost Lotus, Flamecaller, Lightbringer, Starhorn, Totemface, Apocalypse, Void: Destruction, Moonlight Dragon.
  8. Warrior Class: Werewolf, General of War, Icetusk, Bangar, Wukong, Berserker, Glutton, The Executioner, General Puffer,
  9. Warlock Class: Marsh Lord, Voodoo Elder, Misfortune, Nether Prince, Void: Doom Nebula.

To be able to win the battle in Chess Rush must require a mature strategy. Because if you just bring down a hero, it’s not impossible you will fall quickly. Therefore a hero combination is needed in order to win every round.

Best Hero and Combo Early Round

  • Ice Tusk (Beast, Warrior)
  • Scourge (Demon, Rider)
  • Bangar (Furry, Warrior)
  • Totemface (Goblin, Sorcerer)
  • Wukong (Furry, Warrior)

Final Hero and Best Combo

Option 1 (Goblin):

  • Berserker
  • Voodoo Elder
  • Hog Rider
  • Totemface

Option 2 (Fury):

  • Starhorn
  • Wukong
  • Firefur
  • Stinking

Option 3 (Assassin):

  • Lilith
  • Stinger
  • Sword Dancer
  • Siren
  • Horned Menace
  • Venom

Option 4 (Demon):

  • Berserker
  • The Executioner
  • Werewolf
  • Wukong
  • Stinking
  • Icetusk

How to Play the Chess Rush Game

How to Play the Chess Rush Game

Tips to be able to cut down enemies in Chess Rush is to play consistently to bring down the Assassin hero class in each round. There are at least two Assassin-type heroes that you must play. Why is that? Because Assassin type heroes have the highest damage among other heroes.

By bringing down many Assassin heroes, other heroes of the same type will turn out to be invisible and difficult to defeat by enemies. This disappearing effect will make it easier for heroes to attack from behind without being seen by the enemy. Although the effect of disappearing only for a moment, but the damage given will have a major impact on the enemy.

Another way to play so that your rank rises quickly in the Chess Rush game is to target to always be in the top three. Then also know the basic skills of the existing hero to be able to lower the hero exactly as needed. In addition, use a hero that suits your playing style.

And last but not least, do not hesitate to pay attention to other people’s playing styles. From there you can imitate the way they won.

Chess Rush Gameplay Trailer

Thus the best reviews, tips, heroes and combos that you can apply when playing the Chess Rush game. In addition to skills, luck is also the main capital that can take you to win in playing this game. Interested in playing Chess Rush? If so, don’t hesitate to download and install the game directly on your cellphone.

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