Clash Of Clans Deserted players because of Mobile Legends?

Clash of Clans indeed had dominated the mobile games industry . But now, pamor game made by Supercell began to fade. This information is sticking out when Supercell has decreased revenue.

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According to information reported by Reuters on Friday (23/2/2018), Supercell profit declined quite drastically. The decline even reached 20.5 percent compared to 2016. In fact, the number of Clash of Clans players is known to decline, although not revealed what the percentage.


Nevertheless, the developers of the Finnish game considers the decline as a natural thing, given the Clash of Clans age has stepped on five years.

Others consider the decline in the number of Clash of Clans players due to the emergence of new mobile games , such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor.

Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell, did not respond to the assumption of the loss of Clash of Clans player base due to the presence of Mobile Legends and friends.

Instead, he acknowledged one of the reasons because the Supercell party has not yet launched a new game.

“It’s only natural (when it comes down), because ( Clash of Clans ) has been five years and we have not released another new game this year,” he said.

Belongs to Tencent

As is known, the majority of Supercell shares now owned by Tencent, China’s technology giant. Supercell own purchased Tencent worth US $ 8.6 billion.

Tencent, the internet company behind WeChat instant messaging application and QQ internet portal, announced it wants to buy Supercell shareholdings from SoftBank by 84 percent.

Biggest Acquisition

As quoted from the page USA Today, this transaction became the largest acquisition that exceeded the number of acquisitions of Microsoft to Skype in 2011.

“We want Supercell to be the best place where creative people make games,” said Supercelll CEO Ilkka Paananen.

He said, this cooperation will provide a great opportunity for Supercell more developed and targeting new players through the network that Tencent have.

For your information, the company from this Bamboo Curtain country has also acquired Riot Games (game developers League of Legends).

Thus, the studio of mobile game maker CoC game , Clash Royale, and Hay Day will be Tencent’s second studio game.

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