Clash of Clans Beginner Strategy

Clash of Clans is a popular popular premium mobile massively multiplayer online game which was developed and published by Supercell.In Clash of Clans players build their towns by using resources gained from attacking other players’ towns. Main resources that can be gained are gold, elixir and dark elixir. Since Clash of Clans has recently become quite popular, the number of playing strategies for this MMO game has increased.

clash of clans strategy

Today I’m bringing you some strategies on how to begin play Clash of Clans. There are many Clash of Clans strategies available online, however I’m going to talk about a beginner strategy for the new players of this game. This article will help you apply the most basic Clash of Clans strategy.

1. Tutorial

If this is your first time ever playing Clash of Clans, be sure to complete a tutorial first. It will make your future playing much easier.

2. Newbie Protection

As soon as you start playing, you’re under newbie protection for 72 hours. That means you can’t get attacked until your protection runs out, hence you don’t have to hurry to build Walls, Traps and other defenses. Don’t spend the Gems on speeding up Constructions or getting the new Resources, instead wait for them to finish on their own. For the first two days, be sure to upgrade your resource storage (Elixir and Gold storage) and your resource collection (Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors – upgrade them from the lowest level to the highest).When you have about 24 hours of newbie protection left, begin building and upgrading defenses. Priorities are Mortars and Archer Towers, followed by Cannons, because after your protection runs out, you can get attacked.

3. Defense

The most basic Clash of Clans strategy is defense. Never place your defenses where they can be attacked by archers that spawn outside the walls- that’s one of the most basic beginner mistakes. And remember, your enemies can spawn around that ring around your base. Another important thing to remember is not to leave any holes around your base because that lets the enemies spawn inside of your walls.Also, Mortars and Archer Towers are your prime line of defense against mass infantry attacks. You should place your Mortars preferably in the middle of your base.

4. Attacking

The second most important Clash of Clans strategy is attacking. Once you’ve built your defense and learned some basics of the game, you have to learn how to raid to get resources. An ideal raid sends out as little troops as possible and targets only the resources that are easy to steal. Now that you know what an ideal raid is, we’ll talk about how to pick the right base to raid. The resources in the base you’re planning to raid shouldn’t be too low, but also shouldn’t be too high because high resources are harder to steal. The next step is to determine where the resources are placed in the base. After you’ve done that, estimate how full the collectors are. Once you’ve figured out where the resources are and how much of them there is, you have to make a decision whether to attack or not.

This is the most basic beginner Clash of Clans strategy. If you’re a total beginner, I suggest taking a look at online guides and FAQs which will help you begin raiding and farming successfully.

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