Clash Of Clans Massive Update at End of Year

Clash of Clans (Coc) received another update later this year. Through an event held in Helsinki, Supercell revealed some details about the features that are present in this update.

clash of clans update

Quoted from Phone Arena, Tuesday (12/20/2016), this update has been released for all mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS. Not only the brand-new features, this update also brings improved performance and stability of the system.

In addition to some important feature enhancements, updates Coc it helped bring a number of brand-new event. One is the latest Crown Duel Challenge, Chest Clan event that began on December 19, 2016. There is also a Challenge Electro Wizard which will begin December 23, 2016.

This update also reduced the price of the Epic Cards in Shop and increase the number of cards in Epic Chests. Now Epic Chest Clinics was measured based on a player.

Latest Arena Jungle also been added, and can be opened on January 13, 2017. There are an additional four cards that will be used. However, each new card will be released every two weeks.

Some other improvements were also on offer is a special Event Challenges can be played on Friendly Battles mode. There is also a brand-new jingle when the players bought from Legendary Card Shop.

The few details of the updates that the latest release of which is the movement of Dragon faster, just DPS is not increased. Dragon attacks are now made faster.

To that end, the following is a list of features that are present in the CoC latest updates:

Radius Poison Spell expanded
Wizard new Tower level 10 more received extensive damage but provides better attack last moment
Changes to the warrior icon
Changes to the game graphics
Giant in the war looks different
Witch is now more powerful with the addition of hitpoints and damage
This update will accelerate the use Baloon. DPS has not changed, but the attack will be faster
Giants icons look different
Heroes can reach level 45
Troop that is not used can be reused
Hog Riders can be used in a large group


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