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Clash of Clans October Update 2017: What to Know


Welcome to what’s the first update video on the main base in quite some time. that’s right you saw it in the intro the level 7 golem is here. it’s bigger it’s stronger it’s fed it’s not faster but hey level 7 golems look at the work that they’re gonna do on this whole group of defenses you drop a little bit of rage on them. They are absolute beast now no numbers confirmed as of just yet but as you would expect the new golem that’s going to be available for townhall 11 players is going to be a lot tougher to take down and hopefully will spur on some more ground style attacks at the Town Hall 11 level.

As a matter of fact we’ll get into some attacks showing off the golem and some of the other new stuff and some attacks coming up shortly so stay tuned. in addition to the brand new level on the golem we are also looking at a new upgrade on the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie will be seeing level 6 and that’s going to be available to those of you at max level of townhall 11 you’ll be able to enjoy a brand new fierce fighting redhead just as angry as ever. she is able to destroy buildings like never before and it seems like she has a pretty decent hit point upgrade. now again the numbers aren’t confirmed yet but for what we’re seeing on these test builds. this Valkyrie is able to withstand a lot more punishment than they did before. this is really exciting to see at this top level.

We’ll have to show you guys some attacks of Valkyries later on in this video so stay tuned. it’s not only the troops getting upgrades. we also have the bomb tower now at level 6 at townhall 11 it’s packin some extra boom you can see in all its splendour and they’re gold-plated doing some significant damage there to the hog riders. we’ll have to wait and see how devastating this actually is for the belt and hog attacks not only are the ground defenses a little bit stronger we also have some air strength being added – townhall 11. the level 7 air sweeper is now at the max level. you can see these balloons and dragon are not able to penetrate into this base with very minimal air defense simply the sweeper pushes them back infinitely.

It’s an absolute beast to go up against we’re gonna have to see exactly how strong these are against the la lune meta that we’re seeing at the top level. last but certainly not least for day one of the sneak peaks there’s much more to come are some max walls you’re getting 25 more at the top level to add on for your things to do stuff to grind be prepared to see more of those ivory looking walls in Town Hall 11 bases across the board we’ve now seen the sneak peeks for day one of the new update for clash of clans. this is going to be interesting let’s watch this stuff in action now. check out the top there that golem tanking for quite some time and on bottom as well eating to expose all kinds of point defense fire that golem still intact $17 he’s pushed their way in.

I want you guys did pick it pay attention to how much Splash Damage and how many bombs these Valkyries are eating on the way in. they hopped the wall eating second bomb there and there through the core Town Hall is gonna go down here and this is normally where the Valkyries have kind of fizzled out at this point but they push through the core take out the Eagle artillery and even make it through the back side of the core going through the wall granted they’re at pretty low health but this is a lot more value here for the Valkyries than we’re used to seeing in raids past that last little bomb tower getting taken out in all of its new gold splendour.

Valkyrie is looking pretty strong right now at townhall 11 so this rate we’re gonna be looking a little bit more tanky for golems being brought for this raid and guys the cc’s aren’t full on either side so we’re missing an extra spell on offense and also the CC troops on defense perks of a dead bill but at the same time gives you a really good idea of the overall strength of these troops, so Valkyries and after the funnel is created wizards pretty wide here and you see the golems start to redirect to go into the base. now we have a pretty good path of rages for those vaps to get all the way through the core and would you look at that Valkyries completely destroying everything in the core once again they get all the way to the backside giant bombs starting to thin them out pretty much and we do still have some full health golems pushing their way down and this is where you kind of get to see the the strength of these golems these are going up against max defense townhall 11 bases you’ve got golem over there tanking for Queen as well as the wizards on the outside of the base.

So now that the golem has broken into golem i’ts still a lot of value being provided here and it looks like the Queen is pushing all the way through not too bad at all so a lot of extra value being gotten here and again guys these were not well-planned well-executed attacks just kind of throwing down you know your typical golem Valkyrie like a go-go Eva basically. getting down that style of attack and you’re gonna see somewhere in the 80% range on these maxed out townhall 11s I think that’s encouraging for ground armies to say the least I’ll go over more of my thoughts on this update and what everything means after we look at one more attack and that one more attack wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t show you guys the raw power of the Valkyries 17 Valkyries going in against a townhall 10 base max Valkyries level 6 let’s see what happens here.

We’re gonna start an early funnel getting behind two golems and golems at townhall 11 are able to tank the Town Hall 10 defenses for seemingly forever here this is a lot of extra firepower you know because it’s all about momentum on these bases we’ve got the jump spell going down in the middle and you’re gonna see these valves eventually get to the core early freeze place down and that freezes the king it’s gonna get the doesn’t quite get to keep the Queen but she is down so fast look at the rage spells kind of keep these valves going and oh my gosh everything is completely dead the valves are it’s full health still look at them go pushing all the way through the back oh my goodness.

These Valkyries are fun to watch so really a big fan of the bouts always happen it’s really nice to see get a little bit of an upgrade and I’m by a little bit I think it’s a lot of an upgrade again we’ll have to wait for the real bill to come out so we can see the actual numbers but this is looking promising to say the least Valkyries going around the outside of the base and again look at the health bars on all those lovely ladies they are absolutely taking it to this base and it looks like there is nothing it’s going to be done to stop them at all so a pretty good indication of how strong bouts might be a giimpse like dip attacks so gonna be interesting for sure after this update maybe we see some meta shifts maybe not maybe it’s the the same old same old but I’m liking the Valkyries in the way those look right now wow they work through those walls those level eleven walls so fast look at this small group of five or six Valkyries and look at how quickly three spins and they’re through the wall one more spend for the three-star loved the attack there by the Valks so I’ve shown you guys what’s coming in the new update I’ve shown you guys the gameplay of the new update but now it’s time for me to react a little bit to these changes and give you my thoughts on each of these new changes and what I think is good and bad about them let’s start with the level 7 golem I really like this change because it’s going to get more opportunities for tank based and ground based armies to be successful at the top level right now we’re seeing bowlers and witches very very commonly as well as la lune attacks and I think strengthening up the golems gives you more options for ground so I’m a fan of this change the Valkyries moving to level 6 at townhall 11 love it double thumbs up from me love the Valkyries want to see more variety they kind of weren’t really used with the exception of one or two here for funneling or maybe three or four for a queen push with some objectives in they’re not always the the you know the bulk of the army though and this might make for some really fun looking at acts at the top level so very very happy with the Valkyrie change now switching gears to the defense’s let’s look at the bomb tower moving to level six I’m not a fan of this change because it looks as though they’re trying to buff ground armies but they’re actually buffing the offenses that those armies would be successful against so I feel like it’s a little bit counterintuitive on that front not a huge fan of the bomb tower if you want to get more hog armies and more Valkyrie armies leave the bomb towers alone and let’s see how it goes looking at the air sweepers I am a fan of this change I feel like going a little bit harder on the air armies may shift the meta a little bit but I don’t feel as though it’s going to be overpowered and make air unviable so I am a fan of the air sweeper changes and the max walls I am a fan of those as well gives those townhall 11s that are near Max something to do as well as kind of being a completionist I don’t like the mix-matched walls and it would be cool to see a fully maxed out level twelve wall base from start to finish and this is a step in the right direction so there it is guys those are the sneak peeks for day one but we are not finished with this clash of clans update get back here tomorrow same time same place for day two of the sneak peeks especially if you’re a war guy or girl if you like war I think you’re gonna like what’s coming I personally am pumped it’s the first time I’ve been super excited for an update in quite some time the main base needed some attention and it’s gonna get some.


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