Clash Of Clans TH 11 Best Attack Strategy – 3 Star War Army

Hey what’s going on guys. Joe here coming up to today from clash with Ashe one of the premier clans in the family we’re going to be taking a look at townhall 11 content and I’m not saying like townhall 11 down all townhall 10 though these wars are determined by how many Town Hall 11 verse channel 11 3 stars you can get we’re going to be taking a look at the bow which composition today and how these guys are solidifying the winds in their Wars by using this heavy composition to 3-star these townhall 11 while everybody is trying to catch up and get those defenses maxed out let’s go ahead and get into some of those raids guys alright so let’s go ahead and get into attack number one by chaos blade.

This base was higher up on the map and wait a minute we’ve seen bases like this before more in the cwl realm but more designed for the talent Hall tends to attack up so a chaos blade man makes this thing look extremely easy with the composition that he uses here comes in from the southeast side moving up towards the north coming in and opening up with 4 earthquake spells.

Pretty standard stuff here man open it up a large compartment in this whole base really just opening a wide funnel on the inside of the base mode that where our bowlers go directly into the core now as you watch that drop I dropped a few giants for tanking a large spread for as witches and then the same thing for as bowlers see how a lot of a group he’s got going on there and everything is just going to kind of split off and go on for different directions or three different directions actually we have balloons and witches that go on the outside of the funnel and then we have a large group along with the heroes that go into the core of the base we have multiple rage spells here we have a heal spell here for the opposite side of the base so as our barbarian king and queen and our group of bowlers get into the core here the eternal tome abilities pop so.

That way it allows our bowlers to continue to progress deeper into the space where the giant bombs are more than likely placed and then our bowlers and witches continue on the outside flanks working along the two sides on the outside of the base so they’re really just tired at the defense is in two different locations barbarian king in a queen and a few bowlers have progressed deeper into the base at this point the core the base is completely gutted we have our bowlers and witches that have continued to work on their way there on the outside of the base our group of the north have actually gone down due to the amount of defenses up there and a lack of tanking power up there but either way down in the south our bowlers and our which is to continue to progress our Archer Queen is backing that up or abilities already been popped grand warden still assisting with coverage of his ability and our group is going to continue to work their way around and back up into the north at this point we have two Splash Damage and air defense and two point defenses remaining as we speed this one up and bring everything down low I mean look at the size of this group of troops here they just completely overpower the defense is up in this range for the assistance of the queen who actually goes down due to the damage from a giant bomb doesn’t matter though

We have plenty of defense or plenty of troops to finish up on that final defense so let’s go and get in another one of these replays guys all right so attack number two is about the same composition as before only this one is address a little bit differently we got our Inferno towers down here in the south and two different island compartments our Eagle and artillery is up here near the townhall all the air defenses are more centralized and we have this broad-based wall up here in the northwest all the way up and so what’s going to end up happening here is Jagger is going to come in with those the same groups three different groups of giant this time around it there’s two jump spells instead of the earthquake spells and so – John – Giants – Giants and then there’s going to be a long wall of witches same thing as the bowlers as before really not piled up kind of spread out and it’s getting damaged all the way along the line from the double bounce.

Now our bowlers and witches will split off and go in three different directions and we have a massive group that actually does go into the core of this base headed into the second jump spell and then I believe there is a heal spell they’re dropped before our bowlers get into the next section of the base as well as a grand warden’s ability being popped barbarian Kings ability will be used as he gets in on that enemy Archer Queen and then another jump spell is dropped we’re out of spells at this point that final rage spell was dropped and our witches look like they’re about fizzling out on the sides on the flanks and based on the south side and the north up here where the army camp sets of our Archer Queen is now in the core of the base and our bowlers are starting to fizzle out at this point so it really kind of gutted the base at this point but then when they start to get towards the backend everything starts to a little you know fizzle out and die off.  Just watch the movie to continue, thanks


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