Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Defense Trophy Base Layouts

Looking for best and strongest th9 trophy base? Here we have been recap wide variety examples picture of Clash of clans Town Hall 9 Defense Trophy Base Layouts from various source.

Did you know when Clash Of Clans was first released? yes, this game was first made in 2012 and then that is dedicated to the IOS platform and was not currently available for Android.

Indeed Android OS has been around since about september 2008 but at that time maybe Android enthusiasts are still minimal so this game is still available for IOS OS only.

Following the development of the era, it seems Supercell began to glance at the Android OS and make Clash Of Clans application berektensi APK in about 2013 for Android users and did not feel it was 4 years more Clash Of Clans present with the clasher for both IOS and Android OS.

At the end of 2012 Supercell released a spell capable of creating devastating damage to a base of defense. This spell is part of the Clash Of Clans holiday event for the first time. This spell called Santa’s Suprise Spell is currently available back at the end of 2016 with limited time and will end on 5 January 2017.

Telling about this spell, most likely your TH 9 Trophy base design has already received an attack from a gift gift that is filled with explosives. That is the uniqueness of this mantra. When in call, the santa claus will come by train and deliver a surprise according to the name of this mantra.

Below we have provided some of the best and latest defense designs for the Trophy (Update Bomb Tower) base type that you can take advantage of as a Town Hall 9 defense arrangement. In designing a defense like a Trophy base there is nothing perfect, but at least it can help you maximizing defensive power.

You can also make changes for Traps placement to be more optimal. Take the test with your Clan members with Friendly Challenge feature to see the weakest part of TH 9 Trophy base with Bomb Tower below and put most of your Traps in there.

Town Hall 9 Defense Trophy Base is the kind of base formation that focuses on maximum protection for Loot and Town Hall. By using one of the many th9 trophy base, the enemy will be hard to get much Trophy while attacking your base.




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