Collection of Latest and Most Used Among Us Cheats

In the midst of the popularity of the Among Us game, there are many cheats that are also present to make it easier for players. But not a few players are actually annoyed by the presence of various kinds of cheats.

among us cheats

This time, we will not discuss the pros and cons. Because cheats in video games can never be avoided. In Among Us, there are many new cheats that you can use.

There is something that makes it easier for those of you who act as Crewmates. There are those who help you continue to be an impostor. There are also those that can be used by both of them, such as freely opening items.

Here, we provides 5 Among Us cheats that you can use to support your game. These five cheats are often used by cheaters to make the game more exciting and also to quickly win.

Always Impostor

The first Among Us cheat that is widely used by players is always Impostor . The role of Impostor is often a favorite of the players. The reason is, there are only one or two players who become Impostors among 4 to 10 players. While the others will become Crewmates.

That’s why the always Impostor cheat appears that can make you an impostor continuously. Basically, the determination of whether the player becomes Crewmates or Impostor is determined by the Among US system itself. However, by using the always Impostor cheat, you are guaranteed to always be an impostor.

There are so many advantages if you become an impostor. Among them is that you can enter and exit through the vent freely. These vents are connected to each other in a room. Usually, this vent is used as a hiding place for the Impostor.

Not only that, an Impostor can also sabotage the game. That way, the Crewmates will feel annoyed and have to repair the room that was sabotaged by Impostor.

Impostor radar

In addition to being the most widely used cheat by players, cheats can see who the Impostor is or is the Impostor rather than being the cheat most hated by honest players. In contrast to the always Impostor cheat, this cheat is actually used to attack Impostor.

This Impostor radar cheat is often used by players who act as Crewmates to monitor players who become Impostors. Because by using this cheat, Crewmates will immediately know which player is the Impostor.

You can take advantage of this Impostor radar cheat when discussing later. The discussion can begin when one of his Crewmates is deported because he sees the corpse of another Crewmates being killed. Or it could be when one of the players presses the emergency button in the cafeteria room.

Because you have used the Impostor cheat, when discussing later, you can tell other players who is the Impostor. Of course, you must be able to use convincing arguments. If not, it could become a weapon for you to eat.

This Impostor radar cheat is hated by players who become Impostors. How come? The game hasn’t started yet, he has already been identified by the player who used the Impostor cheat. As a result, players who become Impostors can lose quickly. If you come across a player who acts in this way, you can be sure that that person is using this cheat.

Unlock All Skins, Hat, and Pet

This cheat does not take sides with anyone. Whether you are Crewmates or Impostor. The unlock cheat for all skins, hats, and pets can be used by both. Because this cheat only opens all skins, hats, and pets in Among Us.

By activating this cheat, you can use various skins, hats, and pet items freely. Because the items that were previously locked were open freely. That way, you can dress the character you use the way you want. You can make your character look cuter and cuter.

No Kill Cooldown

Next there is a cheat that is a favorite of Impostors. This no kill cooldown cheat can help those of you who act as Impostors so you can kill Crewmates quickly. Usually, every time Impostor kills one of his Crewmates, it will take some time to launch a murder attack on other Crewmates.

Of course, it bothers Impostor every time he wants to kill Crewmates in sight. But by using this no kill cooldown cheat, you no longer need to wait for that time span. Because after you use this cheat, the time limit will disappear and you can immediately kill when a Crewmates cross your eyes.

Long Range Killing

Finally, there are cheats that can help you when you play an Impostor. In general, like time, there is a certain distance so you can kill one of your crewmates. Usually it is close enough that it cannot be done remotely.

Now there are cheats that can help you to kill remotely. For those of you who play the role of impostor, this cheat is very easy because there is no more distance to kill. Enough from a distance, you can kill Crewmates without getting caught.

This cheat is very detrimental to players who are Crewmates. Without realizing it beforehand, sometimes Crewmates are killed suddenly. If this happens, it is certain that there are other players using this long range kill cheat.

Run fast

Actually, both Crewmate and Impostor benefit greatly from this cheat. For Impostors whose main mission is to kill a Crewmate. This cheat can help him to run fast after killing, so other players will have difficulty accusing him of being an impostor.

Even so with Crewmate who uses this cheat. When faced with Impostor, Crewmate can run as fast as possible to avoid Impostor’s brutal actions that will kill him.

Although Among Us provides speed options ranging from 1.75x to even 3.00x. And the movement of characters in Among Us can be arranged by the room master on customization. However, the presence of this cheat arrangement does not seem to mean anything.

Using in-game cheats can make it easier, but it’s also cheating. The use of cheats when playing games reduces the essence of the real fun of playing the game. Because this cheat is cheating and illegal.

That’s a collection of the best Among Us cheats that you must know. You are free to choose, whether you want to play Among Us by using a cheat or not. When you use a cheat, you also have to be ready to accept the risks that you will accept.

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