Complete Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 Cheat, Auto Win!

Admittedly, for those of you who have played Final Fantasy X-2 on PS2, you must have used a cheat, right? Like vegetables without salt, playing games without using cheats is not really fun. Moreover, when playing without cheats you tend to do monotonous things. It’s different when you use cheats, you are free to do crazy things in the game.

Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 Cheat

As one of the most popular games of its time, Final Fantasy X-2 has exciting things that you can only do using cheats. Without cheats , you can never do it. Immediately, this is the most complete Final Fantasy X-2 cheat on PS2.

Crimson Sphere 1 CH3 when Djose Temple needs your help with friends, come right back to Bevelle Underground where you fought Bahamut.
Crimson Sphere 2It will be immediately given to you by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes made by fayth.
Crimson Sphere 3It will be immediately given to you by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes made by fayth.
Crimson Sphere 4Try to find it immediately in Guadosalam in Chateau Leblanc.
Crimson Sphere 5CH4, go straight to the engine room of Celsius when Leblanc.
Crimson Sphere 6Find it directly via Cloister 0 from Via Infinito.
Crimson Sphere 7Head straight to the ravine near Mushroom Rock Road CH2.
Crimson Sphere 8Go straight to Cloister 20 from Via Infinito.
Crimson Sphere 9On CH1, follow Logos and Ormi on Mushroom Rock Road along the path to the gorge.
Crimson Sphere 10CH3, go to Guado Salam and then you immediately get an invitation through the Logos and Ormi room to get this item.

Multiple Ending

Bad Ending Let time run out during the final boss fight.
Happy Ending Whistle the Farplane in Chapter 3, and get at least 75% completion of the game.
Normal Ending Don't whistle in Farplane in Chapter 3, and finish the game normally.
Sad ending Whistle the Farplane in Chapter 3, and get less than 75% completion of the game.
True Ending Whistle the Farplane in Chapter 3, and get 100% completion of the game.

Alternate Ending

Wait about 30 minutes doing nothing but just wait for the final boss to fire its cannon.

Unlockable Dungeons

Besaid Secret Cave Immediately try to get the Besaid Key and get the search scope.
Bikanel Desert: Central Expanse Instantly Send chocobo any level in any chapter. Can only be played in Chapter 5.
Den of Woe Try to find and immediately get all 10 Crimson Spheres to unlock this dengeon.
Fiend Colony Directly send chocobos level 5. Not only that, you also have to go straight to Mihen Road.
Ruin Depths In chapter 5, immediately dispatch four Level 5 chocobos at Calm Lands until Clasko and the chocobos find a new dongeon room.
Via Infinito In Chapter 5, enter the room by the elevator and go to the right. Not only that, you must immediately look for Kinderguardians there and their new portal.

Cheat Password

On CH5 when you arrive at Djose Shrine, there will be a man asking for the password, so say MARNELA. Then, he will give you an additional repair manual to fight the experiment again.

Although its use is only for entertainment and is not used competitively. But the use of cheats still cannot be justified, so think again if you want to play with cheats. Because there are risks that you have to bear, such as banned accounts to IP bans.


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