Crewmate Among Us, Here are 10 Ways to Catch Impostors

Since its release in 2018 by Innersloth, the werewolf- like game ” Among Us ” has been gaining success amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Because many have to keep #stayathome, Among Us is an option so you don’t get bored.

Ways to Catch Impostors

Just a brief explanation, Among Us divides 10 of its players into two camps: crewmates and impostors who are on a space mission in three places: The Skeld , MIRA HQ , and Polus .

While the crewmate is assigned to do several tasks , the impostor (maximum of 3) only has to pretend to do the task and then kill the crewmate . Apart from that, crew mates must also be prepared to repair any equipment that has been sabotaged by the impostor .

If it finds a body, c rewmate can report it and vote for suspicious players. So, when the voting took place, that’s where the excitement of slander and argumentation happened!

Do you often get crewmate roles ? Difficult to distinguish impostors from 9 players? You are not alone. The reason is, it is rather difficult to distinguish between importers because they are also given a list of fake tasks so that they seem to be doing their duties like fellow crewmates . If it’s too late or afraid to fix a sabotaged device , the impostor wins!

Moreover, if the confirm eject option is turned off, you do not know whether it is a fellow crewmate or impostor who will vote. If wrong? The impostor wins again! Well, after playing Among Us for a long time, it turns out that you can see a number of things so you can immediately find out which player is the impostor.

1. The player who is near the corpse of the crewmate is usually the impostor!

Not always, but if you run into a player and see a crewmate’s body or see a player near the crewmate’s corpse , remember the color of the player and press report! Most likely, the player you passed was an impostor , especially if the direction of the road was the same as the crewmate’s corpse .

It’s not an easy thing, considering that some importers like self-reports . However, if by chance they don’t self-report and you find them walking from or around the corpse of a crewmate , it’s suspect. Moreover, if during the discussion they were quiet!

2. Use CCTV and maps, remember who you saw and where

The second way is, remember carefully the location and movement of players around the map . There is map assistance and CCTV (on The Skeld ) if you don’t know the name of the location. At the very least, if you remember the movements of the players you passed along with their location and the last time you saw them, you can make a strong argument before voting .

For example, if the body was found in the Admin room, then you saw 1-2 players leaving the previous Admin room, then you can guess who it is. But remember, don’t give too much information. Instead of being trusted, you are even suspected and voted as impostor !

3. Learn which tasks are real and fake tasks , and Medbay’s tricks!

If you have often played Among Us , either as a crewmate or impostor , then you are already familiar with various tasks , whether done by crewmate or pretending to be done by impostors . Well, you can use this information as evidence to accuse the impostor . If any player looks nervous while doing a task , then you can make sure that your suspicions are 90 percent right against them!

Task at Among Us is divided into three types: Common , Visual , Long and Short . Common to all players (except the impostor ), visual tasks are tasks that you can see performing, long tasks have convoluted or time-consuming steps, and short tasks are easy tasks that don’t take time.

It’s easiest to find out when they are pretending to be doing a visual task such as scanning on MedBay. If the scans are n’t out and they’re just standing there, they’re an impostor ! However, once again, if the visual task option is turned off, it will be more difficult.

4. Impostor will break up the crewmate to go their own way

As a crewmate , it is safest to go in groups because it will make it difficult for the impostor to kill you. If you are alone and feel followed, don’t panic, and find another crewmate to keep you safe. Now, if the player who followed you immediately left, 80 percent should be suspected that he was an impostor .

Try to be within the sight of other players and far enough away not to get killed by the impostor . If you are really being followed by one player to the entire map and you suspect that you will be killed, don’t hesitate to press the emergency meeting button . However, make sure you have proof, or you will be voted on .

5. A player who usually walks alone is suspicious

Seeing a player walking alone as if he was not afraid of being killed by an impostor ? He could be the impostor ! If two or three of you in one area of ​​the map make goosebumps in the disco, especially if you walk alone. Either the crewmate had plans of his own or … he was the impostor .

You can try to stalk him while keeping your distance. However, be careful, if the impostor knows your intentions, you will instead be led to a quiet place and then finished off. In addition, you are vulnerable to being accused by the impostor and being suspected by other crewmates for stalking for no apparent reason.

6. Impostors seem to get “bored” faster and leave the room

All players have a different list of tasks to do. Unlike crewmate , impostors are only given fake tasks that can’t be done. They usually just walked in, stood up pretending to do their assignment, then left. Well, here, you can catch them off-guard indirectly.

If usually the tasks in one room are long and one player is seen rushing out when it’s busy, then you can be suspicious of the player. Impostors tend to get bored quickly and come out immediately because they do not find easy prey. If the impostor is impatient, he will quickly get caught, anyway!

7. The impostor movement is rapidly lost

All Among Us players are given a uniform speed that can be adjusted before playing. But, if you are following the players as in step 5, and he was suddenly gone like the wind, whether your connections are ping is too big, or … she was Impostor ! Moreover, in the area where it “disappeared” there was a vent . Only importers can enter the vent and you have to be vigilant.

8. Watch the task bar !

Did you know, it turns out that the task bar in the upper left corner can be used as a benchmark to see whether the impostor is actually doing the task or not! The more crewmates who complete the task, the green task bar will be filled and the crewmate can win. Because the impostor doesn’t do the task, the task bar won’t fill up.

For the record, this method is very useful if the remaining players are less than 5 and on average have completed their tasks . The less, the easier it will be to monitor the task bar and find last-minute importers . Besides, if you are already killed, just complete the task so you can win, not out!

9. Disguise with the environment

You really want to catch importers ? You can stand behind the Among Us map object like the picture above and you won’t be seen at all.

Apart from hiding from the impostor’s chase , you can secretly observe the impostor who is preparing to perform the action. After that, you can immediately come out of hiding place, catch the impostor in the act , and report !

10. Ambiguous things in Among Us that should be remembered

Apart from the steps above, there are some ambiguous things to keep in mind.

The player near the player’s body could be another crewmate who happened to be passing by;
When other players are following you, they may actually be suspicious of you; and
If your connections waist is large, then the player that you follow could have been a few steps ahead of you. So, it’s not that you lose track of yourself , but your internet is really bad !
In other words, these steps aim to give you “hints” of distinguishing and surviving impostors .

In addition, there are three things that cannot be relied on in distinguishing importers :

Report ;
Sabotage ; and
Playing the impostor accusation .

Why? Because these things can be done by all players, including importers ! If the report , Impostor -pun can also self-report ; Impostor could Men- sabotage equipment folder and corrects itself in order to be trusted, and Impostor was also inclined to sacrifice crewmate to fellow Impostor in order not to be vote out!

The best way to survive and catch impostors in the act is to observe the movements of all the players and complete the task as quickly as possible. Trust no one and don’t panic if you vote wrong .

As a crewmate in Among Us , do you have a story about catching importers in your own way? Come on, share in the comments column below!

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