Electronic Arts Prepare New Sports Game, Released on PS5?

Electronic Arts (EA) has added sports games to the list of games to be released. But the game that will be released is still a mystery until now.

ea new sports Game

Electronic Arts is the world’s largest publisher of sports video games. The company has confirmed in its latest report that they will add other sports games to its catalog, as quoted by Gamespot.

“Add at least one sports title to our annual list,” the company said in a release.

EA Management also added that this new sports game might be developed for the latest generation consoles owned by Sony or Microsoft. As is known, Sony is preparing for the presence of PlayStation 5 (PS5), which is reportedly released in 2020.

“The new console is always an opportunity to encourage more innovation in our EA Sports games, because our fans want to start experiencing a new generation of games,” EA said

There is no news yet about the new title of the new EA Sports game later. Until now EA has made official video games such as FIFA, NFL and NBA. But recently EA has canceled NBA Live 20, even though the company said it would continue to work with the NBA.

Reportedly, the game that will be prioritized to be remade by EA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) series which was previously stopped due to legal issues and other matters involving former players.

Recently, the NCAA announced that athletes or students involved in the game would benefit from the name and appearance used by EA in the game. This seems to pave the way for the NCAA EA series to return.

In addition, EA Sports UFC 4 is also a strong candidate as a game that will be issued by EA. This was revealed because EA itself hinted that he would release this game.

But it’s not just the sports game that EA is currently working on. In its report, EA also confirmed that Movie Studios, a team working for Battlefront II and Star Wars that had been canceled, were making a new IP.

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