Exterminate Cheater, Garena Free Fire Banned Permanent 1.18 Million Cheater

Garena Free Fire has just released a report that says it has banned permanent cheater in Free Fire Game. Since the anti-cheat program, called the operation cutcord, was implemented on May 3, 2020, Garena has successfully eradicated as many as 1.18 million accounts that have been proven to use illegal or cheat programs.

Free Fire banned

This step had to be taken because the number of cheat users in the Free Fire game had a significant increase. Not to mention the case of pro players found caught using illegal programs in a tournament forcing Garena to activate Operation Cutcord.

The report said, known to all accounts that were caught by the Free Fire security system, operation cutcord, using scripts or programs that have been modified. Garena admitted, the permanent ban was taken solely by maintaining fair play and maintaining an honest playing experience for all players.

“We strive to maintain fair play and maintain an honest playing experience for all players,” Garena wrote, in the official Garena Free Fire fanpage on Facebook, quoted on Thursday (06/11/2020).

Garena further asked the survivors not to access the Free Fire game using an unlicensed or illegal application. Garena suggested that players download the Free Fire game through the App Store or Play Store.

“Please continue to report cheater through the in-game reporting function. Let us maintain and build a better Free Fire for the common good, “concluded Garena.

Operation Cutcord System

Garena does not seem to mess with cheaters who are trying to ruin the Free Fire game. It is known, since the latest patch update on 8 April, the anti-cheat program operated by Garena shows an increase in the number of reports about accounts indicated using cheats.

As a result, to maintain the game to remain conducive, Garena managed to banned as many as 3.8 million cheaters accounts. Which 700 thousand of them are the results of other players’ reports. While the rest is the result of the operation of the anti-hack operation cutcord system run by Garena.

“The enhanced anti-hack system successfully removed about more than 3.8 million cheaters accounts using third-party programs. But this is not over, ”

Not just blocking, through this operation also Garena tried to find a gap to be able to provide protection so that cheaters who have been banned cannot continue to create new accounts. Garena also enforces banned devices, where smartphones used by players will be included in the developer blacklist.

“We are looking for scripts and also fixing some technological deficiencies in our game client, with cheater being punished after the game ends, preventing players from continuously creating new accounts, as well as a number of other new breakthroughs,” wrote the release.

Latest Free Fire Update

In order to get the best experience, Free Fire returned to get the latest updates on June 3, 2020. Not only does the anti-cheat system improve, in this update Garena also presents new weapon, character and flying pet items.

For weapons, Garena presents a new weapon , Barrett M82B. Equipped with a special Ballistic Tip, this weapon is very suitable for use by Sniper. The reason is, this weapon is able to penetrate the gloo wall, which if there is a player hiding behind the gloo wall will be affected by 80% damage.

Weapons available in Hot Zone (Classic Mode) and Clash Squad Store have statistics consisting of Damage Ratio: 165, Magazine Capacity: 8, Movement Speed: 90%, and Armor Penetration: 30%.

While in terms of character, there is a new character named Wolfrahh who has a unique skill. Imagine, the character described as a streamer will become stronger when watched by many people. Wolfrahh is equipped with the ability to reduce damage received from headshots by 30%, and increase damage to enemies by 25%.

Entering the first phase the player can use the Clash Squad Rank mode. Where this mode allows players to be able to play randomly. Players who participated and managed to reach Gold III had the opportunity to get prizes in the form of Golden Eagle.

The presence of the cutcord operation system is said to be able to reduce the number of cheat users in the Free Fire game. Even Garena claims that until now there are a total of around 4 million more accounts that have been banned by the Operation Cutcord system.

Garena Free Fire is committed to continuously improving the performance of the security system so that it can detect cheats faster. Garena also will not tolerate cheaters for any reason. Therefore, Garena invites the players to help Garena eradicate cheaters by not being reluctant to report if they find players indicated using a third-party program.

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