Fighting Game Tournaments Prepare eSports Players on the International Games

Fighting Games Community or commonly known as FGC in Indonesia has been ‘almost’ untouched and rarely heard among gamers in Indonesia, especially PC gamers. This is because more fighting genre games are released on console platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Fighting Game Tournaments

Through the official statement received by us , although the world championship fighting game like the Evolution Championship has been routinely held since 2002, it seems that the esports of esports players in Indonesia for fighting games are still lacking.

In response, AMD Indonesia organized a fighting game tournament called AMD eSports FIGHT! 2018 Championship on 22-23 September 2018 in Jakarta.

In this tournament, AMD will compete with the two most popular fighting games currently, namely Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. AMD hopes, this event can help tournament participants to hone their skills in competitive matches to be ready to fight on the international stage.

Register for AMD eSports FIGHT! The 2018 Championship opens on 31 August and closes on 17 September 2018 for each game. Registration is open to the public for all participants throughout Indonesia, with demographic estimates of participants ranging from 12-40 years.

From each game 8 winners will be taken who will go through the preliminary round, semi-final, and final. For Tekken 7 games, the total prizes that can be won by winners of forty-five million Rupiah in the form of money and products, and for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition games, the total prizes are twenty-five million Rupiah in money and products.

In addition to tournament events, the sponsors will also introduce their products to gamers, and also be enlivened by fun games and giveaway sessions for visitors.

Besides AMD Indonesia as the main sponsor, this FGC tournament is also supported by MSI Component Indonesia, Western Digital Indonesia, ViewSonic Indonesia, and SteelSeries Indonesia.

Each of these sponsors is the official partner of the motherboard and GPU (MSI), SSD (WD) storage / storage media (ViewSonic), and gaming gear (SteelSeries).

In addition, this event is also sponsored by UniPin eSports as an online game voucher provider and DXRacer as the world’s leading gaming chair manufacturer.

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