Final Fantasy XIV Game Will Release for Sony PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 game console hasn’t been released yet. Reportedly, the device will be released next year. Gamers might look forward to what game titles will be presented for PlayStation 5. To dispel curiosity, WCCFTECH sources and Final Fantasy UK Fans pages reveal interesting leaks.

Final Fantasy XIV

Reported by T3 , Naoki Yoshida, Director and Producer of Final Fantasy XIV at Square Enix revealed that he and the developer worked hard on the PlayStation 5 version of the Final Fantasy XIV game.

As information, Final Fantasy XIV is MMO, a massive multiplayer game that connects players from all over the world.

Although it is said that PS4 will support backwards-compatible, the fact that the developers are working on a new version shows that FFXIV PS5 is the experience of the next generation.

However, it should be noted that Square Enix seems to straighten out the announcement Yoshida reported to fans. They followed up with WCCFTECH with the following statement:

“Although it’s not a confirmation, Yoshida-san expressed the hope that FINAL FANTASY XIV Online will one day appear in the next generation of Sony consoles.”

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